Walk in Interview in Eco-Drive Driving School, Dubai

Most new career opportunities have been published on the Eco Drive Driving School website.You can find a job easily in Dubai. You can attend a walk -in interview at this driving school.This driving school is situated in Dubai.The link given below will redirect you to the Eco drive driving school website. Walk-in interviews don’t need an appointment.They conduct walk-in interviews for various posts. All the important information regarding the company is given on the website. Moreover, you can directly apply from the website.

This job opportunity is highly suitable for those who are already stationed in the gulf region. Now you can fill your online application to initialise the recruitment process after checking their website. It is a direct recruitment and does not involve any third party.

Important points to note about your career at Eco drive driving school

Eco drive driving School is one of the top company in Dubai due to various reasons:

1.The management focuses on continuous development of the facilities and services provided that they are highly preferred by perfect candidates.
2. You can select an exciting and challenging career opportunity.
3.There is a scope for personal improvement in the organisation.
4.The company gives a competent salary and benefits in the region.
5.They pursue a high standard of values and culture in the organisation.
6.There is a scope for career development.
7.They provide appropriate training and development on a timely basis.
8.They provide promotions and encourage the rising by the Human Resource department periodically resulting in better positions within the company.
9.They provide other benefits including Housing Allowance, Medical Insurance, and Transport Allowance with high salary.
10.Eco drive driving School provides a conducive environment for employees with a positive outlook for growth and development.

Company Name: Eco drive driving School

Location : Dubai

Application Type : Walk in Interview

Expected Salary : 2500 AED+ overtime

Recruitment type: Direct

Nationality : Any

Qualification : Degree Diploma – Plus two – Equivalent – High School

Benefits : Visa + Insurance + Paid Leave

Interview date : 01- 02- 2023, Wednesday,9am to 5 pm

Interview Location : Mentioned below

Current Vacancies

Drivers (Minibus And Light vehicle )


Valid UAE driving Licence – Manual ( No. 3/5/6)
At least 2 years experience in UAE
On visit / cancelled visa
Ready to join immediately

You should submit an updated CV, Valid driving licence, visa copy, passport copy, pak ID, photo during the time of interview.

How to recognise job scams in Dubai?

It is very inevitable that we are aware of the job scams in the Dubai market. It is not an easy task to recognise such scams but there are few pointers that would be of great help. Let’s look at a few:

One of the most common ways of fraud job offers is that they often ask for a deposit to secure a highly paid job position that has been offered to you.It is not a common mannar in Dubai. It is against the law and being asked for money is an absolute danger.

Another way of scamming job seekers is to ask for certain private information of the applicant.It may include passport details, bank account details etc. You do not give your personal information to any company before accepting the job offer.

We recommend that you report this type of scam to the concerned authorities. Do not follow these type of opportunities in any way and end up being in a tight spot.

We provide our best to make sure that every job opportunity that has been posted here is genuine, but it is always best to verify as scamming is very prevalent. You can ask your doubts at any time. Do not hesitate to ask doubts. We sincerely hope that our platform will enable you to be successful in your quest for employment. We are here to help you.

Are you searching for a job in Dubai?

You should compare your job profile with job opportunities on the Eco drive driving school website.The interview process is very simple and straightforward. During the walk in interview you will have the opportunity to meet eco drive driving school representatives. They need energetic and self motivated individuals.you should submit your CV and all relevant documents. Updated CV includes all qualifications and experiences.

Eco drive driving school educational qualifications and experience

Variety of educational qualifications and work experiences are required in various positions at Eco Drive driving school.More details regarding each position at Eco Drive driving school have been given in detail in their website. They provide all the support in order to ensure that their employees are well settled and comfortable in the organisation. The HR department provides all necessary guidelines to their employees. They provide the best training to employees to further polish their skills and manage their career.

Expected salary at Eco drive driving school, Dubai

The average salary at Eco- drive driving school, Dubai is approximately Aed 2500 + overtime. It has been calculated based on inputs of employees of Eco drive driving School. A person with good experience and good educational qualifications will get a higher salary while a fresher will attract a lower salary. A fresh graduate with no experience might receive 2500 Dirhams.

Benefits of Eco drive driving school carrier

The company provides an attractive salary with housing allowance, medical insurance, dental insurance, retirement saving plans and paid holidays. The company goes above and beyond expectation as they provide essential training to the employees that is required for them for personal improvement.

Steps of recruitment at Eco-drive driving school, Dubai

The recruitment process at Eco-drive driving School, Dubai has been designed in a simple way so that applicants can move ahead in the recruitment process very easily. They provide a chance to grow and develop your careers. You can read their mission statement and familiarise yourself with their service. Practise your interview skills once you know more about the company. It helps you get comfortable with speaking about yourself. Remain positive and confident in your abilities.

If successful in this process the end result will be a job offer. The job offer will be based on your experience, educational background and input from the interviews. The Human Resource Department of the Eco drive driving school always provides the best means to ensure that they select the right candidate for the right job. It is essential that the person selected has the right talent and skill in order to move forward in the role that has been offered to the person. The selection process has been designed in such a way in order to bring out the best out of all the candidates.

How to format your resume to suit the application for Eco drive driving school

You can select a few tips in mind while formatting your CV in order to suit the Eco drive driving school career requirements:

1.you should use a professional and neat template.It will ensure that your resume is polished and attract the recruiter.
2.you should include your educational qualifications and professional experiences.You should mention all the relevant skills, experience, training, and certifications that you have received.
3 You should make your resume based on each of the positions that you are applying to. It means that your resume for each role should tell the question as to why they should hire you.
4.You should give more information about work experience starting in the descending order. You should list your latest work experience first. You should give a brief description of the job position that was held, the name of the company, the relevant dates and the roles and responsibilities performed in each position.
5. Pay special attention to the spellings and grammar to the resume.so that it doesn’t negatively affect the position that you are applying for.

Interview process at Eco drive driving school, Dubai

The interview process at eco drive driving school, Dubai is very detailed and thorough.They will be asked many questions regarding your experience, skill and inspiration to work at the Eco drive driving School . Before selecting an applicant, they should know all the details about the applicant. For this reason,they will ask personal questions.Usually, the interview process may take 1 hour, so it is inevitable that you should prepare a perfect answer to the questions and tell only the truth.

How to apply for Eco drive driving School, Dubai

You will have the opportunity to meet the representatives of the eco drive driving school, Dubai. They asked questions. They are looking for energetic individuals. The interview is held at eci drive driving schools office. They allow job seekers to speak with them. You should be prepared to answer common interview questions.

Apply via email : [email protected]

Interview location

ECO DRIVE main branch, plot no: 531-265,Dubai Industrial city, Dubai

Our website is one of the best websites available for job searching in the UAE. Various Job opportunities are available on this website. It also has a search engine which helps applicants to find the best job for them. You can use this website easily and it hosts a user-friendly interface. The website contains a part which gives tips and advice for job applicants in UAE.

When will I get a response from Eco-Drive driving school careers

You should wonder when you might hear back from the recruiter if you have applied for a job in Eco drive driving school . you should wait for the reply from the recruiter. It is very difficult but there is no way to know when the recruiter will respond. The best thing to do is to wait and keep checking your emails and their website regularly.The company receives a lot of resumes from a huge number of applicants.It may lead to a delay in the recruitment process. If they are interested in appointing a candidate, they will follow up with the candidate. Thank you for your interest in Eco drive driving school careers, Dubai.

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