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         Furniture creates a better everyday life for us. If you have no clear or joint family choosing the ideal furniture is crucial. Furniture is a household item that is composed of wooden ,metal ,plastic or other materials. It is used for a variety of purposes in our house. Furniture is a movable object that supports various human activities like seating, eating, storing ,working and sleeping. The main furniture items are tables, beds, chairs, desks, cupboards ,dresses etc. Furniture is kept in a house to make it suitable for living. Different types of furnitures are available in the market. They are made with fabric or leather.

     Living room is an ultimate gathering spot. It create a space practical,beautiful,comfortable and gracious. You should not fill the space with enough furniture to host a crowd but leave a space to allow guests to manoeuvre through the space comfortably. Dining room that will host your big celebrations and some of your quiet moments. Bedroom provides more design creativity than any other rooms.

     Interior designers use furniture to establish a pleasing sense of order.Furniture provides a healthier lifestyle .if you select the right furniture, you can relax at home.comfortable mattress,sofa,functional dining table, suitable lighting, shelves, dresser,bathroom storage, carpets are other essential furniture.

    One of the biggest differences between modern and contemporary furniture is the use of lines. Modern furniture mostly prefers straight lines. Contemporary furniture will add large sweeping curves.wood,glass,stone, metal furniture are popular. 

    Furniture provides a balanced view of the entire space.There are plenty of things needed to design a cannot give a finished look without the right furniture. It improves the beauty of the the right type of furniture. Placing the right location and furniture color.Buying the right furniture for home is personal choice.Quality and design of the home interior reflects an individual’s standard.

     We can see a place where we get quality products  at affordable prices. It is in Dimos furniture, kottarakkara. You will get a huge percentage of discounts based on the onam offer.They have their own furniture woodcaso. These furniture are made with mahogany. These furniture has a 15 years warranty. These all are budget friendly products. 

     Premium quality sofas available at 30% offer. A variety of bedroom set offers are available here. They provide bedroom set,living set and dining set.home package has a teapoy,corner sofa,dining table with wooden chairs,mahogany treated wood cot,particle board 2 door almirah,dressing table,cot bed,mattress with pillows,bed sheets at Rs 63,900. It has a 5 year warranty. 

     A bedroom set (cot, wardrobe,side box,mattress ,dressing table)available at Rs 25,900. Dining table available at 19,000. Sofa available at Rs 17900. variety designed bedroom sets are available here.MDF Mahogany dressing table available. 6 inch mattresses are available. Wardrobes have CRC cutting .

     Luxury designed cot,wardrobes are available. Cot has good hydraulic storage. Various dining table set collections are available here.Traditional to Italian designed dining tables are available here.itis started from Rs 19,000.cute malaysian wood dining  table is available here.artificial granite slab is used here. It is very beautiful. 

     Premium category dining tables are available. Steel with teak apostasy dining tables is available. Al, products have a 5 year warranty.  Teak wood products have lifetime warranty. Wide variety of teak wood dining tables are here. Teak wood 2 door wardrobes are started from Rs 39,000.Arabic designed dining tables are available. These are mahogany finished dining tables. 

     Rotated chair dining tables are here. It is made with Malaysian teak. It has a 1 year service warranty. It is imported can purchase dining tables at Rs 19,900. Akasia six seater dining table has Rs 22500. We can purchase one mattress and will get one same mattress free.

It is a 6 inch mattress.GI pipe mica finished dining table has Rs 16500.

     Woodcaso sofas are manufactured there.single seat revolving sofa chairs are available. Fiber cloth cushions are available with it.These are architectural model sofas. Various models are available.  Jute corner sofa aavailable.Two three seater,2 single seater sofa available 30% discount. 

     Double shade sofas available. Single seat recliner available.variety colored sofas are here. You can customize the color of sofas.If you purchase Rs 1,99,999 you will get a free vagamon trip with family. 

     Medium category will get a 30% offer. There is an office furniture section. Office chairs, tables, bookshelves,file shelves, study tables,chairs, models of furniture are available. They provide scratch and win offers, combo offers,etc.

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