Third phase of the life mission scheme started

        Residential housing is the dream of all of us. One of the biggest ways to do that is to  come. The third phase of the life mission of the state government is to begin soon. In addition to the 1,05000 currently approved housing units ,there is also a golden opportunity for people who are homeless/ the houses  in a state of decay to apply. It is being decided on the type of application and how it should be received. The update will be delivered to you very soon. Our state government is currently provides free housing implementing the life mission,  after combining all the schemes such as PMAY and Awas Yojana . With the full support of the state government, other Central government schemes will be integrated, providing free housing to eligible beneficiaries .  

         What’s more if the houses are built to meet the standard set by the state government , the beneficiary will have to buy only the most expensive . Step by step  the installments are distributed . Based on the 2011 socio economic Census of our state, they found the eligible beneficiaries since then the kudumbashree authorities have taken the initiative to find the beneficiaries . It was initiated by SC ST promoters in all tribal areas. So if there are any objections on the list they found, and you did not deserve to be on that list, then you had the opportunity to appeal.

     But because of our ignorance or because we don’t have enough documents to prove it , we were denied benefits . As the third phase of life mission begins, it will also be included the landless homeless people. Find the space for them flat complexes. The construction department is coordinating further providing . Then along with it ,they have decided to include more people who want to apply. In order to ensure  benefits to all eligible people , our state government has relaxed a few criteria. Let us see what they are.

           When the eligible beneficiaries were found ,and the people who  supposed to be getting the most deserved benefits went out of the list. They will also be included in to phase three of the life mission. The software is being modified and applications are now being made available through Akshaya centres/janaseva centres. The beneficiary can submit the application online directly. There are also a provision that if the grama sabha approve the earlier  applications, there must be a ration card before that . Even more so the concession was made.

      Once the beneficiary is selected, it has been changed to a condition that the beneficiary should have a ration card before april1. Before the days of life mission,didn’t importance to decayed homes . But lately when applying for the life mission 3rd phase ,they can apply for decay  houses, such as if the roof is built with the tarpaulin, sheet ,coconut leaves, earth wall houses , you can join the state governments free housing project.

          Earlier life mission projects did not include those who were given their share of the land . It has been relaxed in this 3rd phase, technically people who do not own the land when  given the share of shares, can apply for it. For those reason who were not on the list , the appeal was considered in the village offices. For that purpose special committee will be set up at the respective blocka  levels and a final decision will be made. 

        Then this is a comforting news for a lot of people. For people who want to build a home or  lives in a damaged home, this is a golden opportunity to move to a safer home. When the state government aims  to bring more benefits directly to the eligible, rather than the other intermediaries, It may also include the support of other schemes.Currently  there are about 1,05000 people who have access to the third phase. But it has been prolonged. When the new recruitments are included in the scheme, it is likely to reach 5 lakhs. please share this information to others.

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