The real uses of AXE oil 

Axe oil is the Universal oil made from unique formula. It has been used through out the world .It is available in all over the world .The other name of the Axe oil is  eukali.

History of AXE Brand

In 1928 leung yun chee has the founder of AXE oil ,emigrated from China to Singapore to search his fortune .Hemet a German physician Who gave him an oil, Said to cure all ailments .The oil contains menthol, Lavender oil. He impressed and inspired.So he marketed and sold his newly discovered his cold remedy. That was origin of Axe brand universal.

In the beginning it has no logos But In 1942 Axe Oil marketing all over Singapore .They use axe is the symbol of Axe brand because Axe is available every houses in Singapore They use blue and green colourIn the cover of axe brand.It represent  Axe oil is useful for all travellers in the ocean and air .Axe brand have come to import place in mind of millions around the world And it is the remedy. You can trust It is also. Universal use include Vietnam ,South Africa and Sri Lanka

Uses of AXE oil

  • Relief of headache, stomach ache ,rheumatic pain, blocked nose ,cold, insect bite ,nausea ,toothache.

The axe oil could not use under 2 years old children.

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