The pension amount will be increased from January 2021

           In the time of this covid 19 we have received a lot of benefits from the central and state governments.These benefits were most helpful to us.Today I would like inform you a happy news.We get this benefit from january. The November pension will be available to those who eligible from the the 25th of November.

            The pension will be increased by Rs 100 from January. From January  ,the pension will be increased to Rs 1500. Currently there are about 46 lakh  social security pensioners in our state.There are also people who receive welfare benefits. This benefits reaches the bank accounts of such persons. This amount is transferred by the cooperative society officials to the bed ridden patients.

         If there is any obstacle in getting the amount ,apply to the local self government body. Social security pensions are also available to those who do not have access to other pensions after the age of can check about the pension through sevena website.

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