The main symptoms of kidney diseases

        Today I would like to inform you the main symptoms of kidney diseases.Now in the world increased the number of kidney diseases.kidneys are the important organs in our body. It is  a pair of bean shaped organ.

          It filters half cup of blood every minute.Ir removing waste,extra water from the blood. Kidneys ensure plasma to keep blood flowing.It regulates the ph,ion concentration, produce the hormones. It regulates blood pressure in our body. It ensures the vitamin D production,It regulates the RBC production. 

     If our kidney has problems,  the main signs are swelling in our legs,eyes, ankles,increased weight,back pain,fatigue,decreased urine out put,breathing difficulties, etc.

     The main cause of kidney damage are blood pressure,diabetes,etc.Some ,medications  causes kidney damage.shock  surgery,illegal drugs,heart attack,accidents causes acute renal failure.

      We should control blood sugar level, control BP  level,control weight,drink plenty of water.We can test the urine albumin level. It is not detected,your kidneys are healthy.We can take blue berries,apples,onions,garlic,cauliflower  .

         If our kidneys are damaged, the urine lead to brown,red or purple colour.Avoid smoking, alcohol consumption. Avoid soft drinks  oranges,brown rice,etc.. Control the weight. Avoid masala foods.check the urine yearly after 25 years.Maintain the bp level within 140/90 smog Hg. Control the blood sugar level. Avoid pain killers and antibiotics.  It may cause the kidney damage.

     We can treat the symptoms  and do the dialysis. We can transfer the kidneys. Kidney stones can causes the kidney damage. 

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