The main symptoms of fatty liver

         Liver is an important organ in our body. It is essential for our digestion.Fatty liver is the excess fat stored in the liver. It has no symptoms. Tiredness and pain in the upper side of the abdomen are the main symptoms.  It may leads to liver cancer and cirrhosis, liver failure.

          Excess calories intake leads to fatty liver. Obesity ,diabetes ,thyroid,complications of medications,stress are the another cause of fatty liver. Consumption of alcohol is another cause.

Signs and symptoms 

Yellowish skin

Yellowish eyes

Abdominal pain 

Swelling in ankles


Yellowish urine




        Reduce the weight.Take healthy diet.Lower cholesterol level. Take adequate exercise.Drink plenty of water.Take green leafy vegetables. Garlic cleanses our liver.Take adequate sleep.  Reduce the salt intake. Add fruits like grapes,blue berries,beetroot,nuts ,in your diet.Avoid fried foods.

Avoid red meat. Take lemon water.The liver will repair completely after 30 days.Avoid soft drinks.Change the life style. Take 35 to 40 minutes aerobic exercise. 

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