The important things to do first in a snake bite

       Today I want to inform you about the things to do first in a snake bite.Snoke is very common in our state. It is elongated, legless,reptile. Snakes are cold blooded animal. It is regulate their body temperature externally. We can see many types of snakes. It make fear into people. Because these are venomous animal. Every year  during rainy season, many cases of snake bites are reported.

         Most snake bites are caused by the people are trying to kill snakes. Cobra,crate,saw scales viper, are dangerous snakes. We get poly valent antivenom in India.Snake bites are produced  many symptoms  like pain,nausea, paralysis, swelling, puncture Mark’s.It needs emergency treatment.  Harmless snakes bite also can cause allergy,infection. 

        The main symptoms of snake bites are two puncture wounds, redness around the wound, pain ,nausea,blurred vision,numbness,sweating, etc.

       After a snake bite,clean the wound and immobilize the affected area.And take emergency treatment.  Dry bites are dangerous. Remove the watches,jewellery etc to avoid swelling. Keep the bite area below the heart. Remain calm. Cover the part with dry bandage. Should not tied the part .Should not apply antiseptic.  Avid sucking, cutting the part.Hydrate the patient. 

      Antivenoms are the treatment  of snake bite. It prevents the death. Mainly antivenoms are 3 types.neurotoxic, hemotoxic,cytotoxic. If the patient has the symptoms,  give antivenom to the patient.  Government  reimburse the cost of snake bite treatment. 

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