The documents  that should be check before buying a land

         Today I want to introduce you what are the documents  that should be check  before buying  a land. The main document  is adharam. Adharam is the  document written by an authorized licencee in a stamp paper. It includes value of land. It registered  in register office about the transaction made to a property.  It include the land’s boundaries  area,re survey number,survey number,  talk,block,district and sketch of the land.

       So it is important to check this adharam. In the adharam mainly has  the first party and the second party. The premise is that the number of owners of the land before we buy it is the previous  Adharam.

         We must check 3 important things in these documents. Check if there are any defects in the Adharam or previous Aadharam.Check the survey number, sub division  number, block number,etc.  Check if there is any changes in the name, register year of the previous  adharam, page number,etc.

     We have a service called error correction in adharam. We can change it . Therefore when buying a land it should be checked and corrected errors.

       Next is check the authenticity  and perfection of supporting documents. Supporting documents  are adharam,will and testament,death certificate of owner,legal heir certificate, one and same certificate, power  of atony etc .

        It is essential to check if there are any corrections on this Aadharam. 

     There are usually 20 types of adharam.These are theeradharam,donation,etc. If the property is provided by the government it includes a lease.

Check the latest land tax receipt and ROR.

      Check the type of land we are going to buy. Mainly the lands are divided into three types.Backyard, garden and  land. In ROR , the enter  it is basically tax register(BTR). So check the BTR. If we noticed it is backyard, check if this land is included in data bank.In town planning scheme ,they get building  permit. If it is not included in data bank, check if there is a chance to get building permit. If you get this building permit you can buy.

         Check if there is any financial obligation on the property we are going to buy. Check the encumbrance certificate . Whichever  Bank you take the loan , its liability does not appear on the encumbrance certificate. If the loan is taken from a service cooperative society, only their charge will be included in the encumbrance certificate.

              Check the Graham release deed from bank.check the possession and non attachment certificate. Check the thandapperu remarks from village office. If you want to take a bank loan check the location sketch and certificate.

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