The Christmas short story of santa claus


     Christmas  is an annual festival that reminds us of the birth of Jesus christ. It is on December 25 as a religious and cultural  celebration. The origin of Christmas comes from Roman and pagan cultures.Romans celebrate two holidays in December. First one is a two -week festival  honouring God of agriculture.on December  25 ,they celebrated the birth of mithra,sun God. December  is the darkest month of the year falls. The Roman’s lightened candles to keep the darkness  at bay.Christianity spread across Europe  and they did not curb pegan customs and celebrations.No one knew Jesus’ date of birth ,they adapted the pagan ritual into celebration  of his birthday. 

      The pagans decorated their homes with greens.They decorated their temples with fir trees and bits of metals.The tree traditions taken from Europe, decorated trees in worship of the God with candles and dried fruits,It was incorporated  into Christian  faith in Germany. They decorated  trees with sweets,lights and toys.

        St. Nicholas was born in Turkey around 280. He was a bishop in Christian  church .He is a good man. He makes toys using woods.In one Christmas  day,he makes wooden dolls and gives them to all boys and girls.He gives these surprise gifts in the midnight.over many years,his popularity spread and he became known as protector of children and sailors.

       He had reindeer hooves. He travelled all around his place through it. He wore a long red robe with a red hat. At every village, children spotted his bright robe from a distance and gathered in the road to greet him. He enjoyed surprising  people and began to deliver secrets gifts at night.He was named as Saint.

     He suffered imprisonment for his faith.He was renowned for his generosity  towards the poor.He saved three daughters from being  sold into slavery.  Their father has no money to marry them. St. Nicholas is said to have tossed gold through an open window  into their  home and saved them. These three sisters have hung their newly washed stockings by fired.ace to dry. Nicholas ďropped small bag of gold in to each bag. After the death of St. Nicholas December 6 was declared St Nicholas  day.He still delivers magical gifts each year at Christmas  time.He over children very much.

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