Sukanya samridhi  yojana – how to get Rs 45 lakhs from Rs 7500 monthly investment


       Indian post offices give different types of investment  schemes. The post office savings account  is a deposit  scheme provided by post offices. It provides a fixed interest rate on the account  balance. The Indian post office controls the postal chain of the country and provides several deposit schemes for investors. Post office now offers savings account schemes at attractive  interest rates. Government  provides 9 postal saving schemes for investment. Today we can see details  about the sukanya samridhi yojana scheme. 

    Parents or legal guardians of girl children up to 10 years  of age can join this scheme. Maximum 2 accounts are allowed for a house for two daughters individually. When the child reaches 21 years  of age,she will get the maturity amount of this scheme. 

   The maturity  term will be extended from 21 years of age. If the child was 5 years old on the date of enrollment, the year of maturity will be 21 years + 5 years. Sukanya sacrifice yojana is a government  of India initiative. It was launched to promote education  of girl child and marriage. It is a fixed income scheme. It guarantees returns in the form of interest.

    Now the interest rate is 7.6%.Resident Indians only join this scheme. It allows investment until the age of 15.minimum investment  of this scheme  is Rs 250/ year and maximum  investment  is Rsx1,50,000 /year.It has no premature withdrawal.At the age of 18 years,we can withdraw 50 % of the amount for higher education. 

    It has a higher interest rate than other saving schemes. It offers financial security for girl children. It offers tax benefits. You can close the account prematurely if the child gets married after attaining the age of marriage at 18 years. Premature withdrawal will be allowed in the case of financial burden on the child for medical  reasons or death of a guardian.

         If we start this account ,you can invest an amount for 14 years. After 21 years,you can close the account. If you invest Rs 1000/ month,after 21 years you will get Rs 6 lakh. If you invest Rs 2500/ month, after 21 years you will get Rs 15 lakhs. 

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