Solar water pump is powered by solar energy. It is worked through the use of solar photovoltaic panels. This pump is generally  used for the irrigation powered water pumps are a low cost solution . It helps to spend more time increasing  their income by growing  crops. There are four  types of solar powered pumps. Surface water pumps and submersible water pumps,direct current pumps,alternate current pumps .Surface water pumps support applications  like field irrigation to communities and drawing water  from lakes,ponds and canals.

        Submersible pumps are located below the ground level and it is submerged under water. Its suction head is beyond depth of 10 meters. We can install it by digging a borewell..Submersible  water pumps are used for field irrigation, drawing water from underground water sources. It consists of one or more solar panels,motor pump set,controller device,hardware for some cases, inverter, battery, etc.

      Submersible water pumps are used for taking water from borewells,rivers and ponds and used to meet water requirements for irrigation. It works like a normal water pump. But the only difference  is solar energy  is used instead of non renewable  energy. We can use solar panels to receive  solar energy  and it produces  direct current.  It is used to work  the motor pump. In case the motor  requires  AC,the DC produced by solar panels is converted  to AC using an inverter. 

      Solar water pumps are more useful water pumps. Because  they do not need fuel or electricity to work. It doesn’t affect power cuts, low voltage, motor burning.we can install it in remote areas where electricity  is unavailable. Its moving parts have low maintenance  cost. It doesn’t need lubricants for the operation  of solar pumps, we can easily operate  it. 

      In the case of a borewell with a water table deeper than 10to 15 meters , we can use a submersible pump.when the water level is less than 10 meters we can install surface pumps. It provides socio economic  benefits  as well as climate related benefits. It does not produce harmful  pollutants.

    We will get different  models  of solar pumps. a 200 w 24v pump needs a 24v 250 watt panel. We can connect  it to a battery. It pumps water up to 40 feets. It has a 1 inch head. Maximum head is 12meter. It provides 5000 liter within one hour. We can use it in houses,farms, agricultural ponds,etc.

We can connect it directly  from the panel. Connect the cable to the panel. The pump works efficiently.  

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