Snehapoorvam scholarship  scheme for students

     Today I would like to inform you about a good news for all people. This benefit is available for children of all people without difference for APL,BPL category. This  benefit is called snehapoorvam scholarship scheme.

     This benefit is available  to those who are experiencing  a lot of difficulties in life.Those whose parents have died can also apply for this scholarship. 

    The last day to apply for this scholarship is December 31 st. You need to apply for this scholarship through  the head of the institution of the educational institution where you are studying.

    Only those whose parents have died  can apply for this scheme. Children below the age of five  can also apply for this scheme. Children under the age of 5 can apply as recommended by the district child welfare committee.

      under this scheme the amount is allocated for 10 months.Joint bank account  is necessary. Students studying up to class 5 will get Rs 300 per month.Students studying from class 6 to 10 receive Rs 500 per month.

     Students studying in plus one, plus  two classes get Rs 750 per month. Students studying degree, professional courses get Rs 1,000 per month.This benefit is received for 10 months in a year.We can apply for it every year.Annual  income should be up to 22375.


Death certificate  of father/ mother

Adhar card 

Joint bank account details 

Income certificate 

Ration card

         Students studying in government aided educational institutions  can apply for this benefit.

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