Scholarships that can be applied for during the month of November

            During the time of covid 19, we received a lot of benefits from the central and state governments. All the benefits received were very comforting to the common people. Today I would like to share with you a benefit that our mothers and the school and college kids  alike can apply for this scheme. We can apply for this benefit in the month of November.

         Let’s  see the benefits that school and college students receive. The last date  to apply for the premetric Scholarship offered by the central minority has now been extended. Premetric scholarships are available to students in grades 1 to 10.Post metric scholarship are available to plus two to PhD students. Merit com means scholarship gets for professional technical course studying students.

      There are Indira Gandhi scholarship available for girls studying PG courses.SC,ST scholarship offered by UGC. We can apply for this scholarship on November 30. We can apply this scholarship through akshaya centers.

      We get state minority scholarships also. Last date of applying samunnathi  scholarship is 13 november.We can apply for samunnathi OG assistance. General category  entrance ,PSC ,civil service coaching students apply for this coaching assistance scheme.

       Loans up to 3 lakh are available through kudumbasree. Interest is 5%. Relatives caring for widows over 50 years of age receive Rs 1000 per month. This is called abhaya kiranam scheme. Applications for this scheme will also be accepted  now.

            Women can get up to Rs 25,000 for remarriage. Children of poor widows receive educational assistance. Applications  for this project also known as the stairs have now begun.Eligible peoples can apply for this schemes.

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