SBI personal  accident  insurance policy – Rs 10 lakhs from Rs 500 yearly 


      Insurance  is a contract  by a policy in which an individual receives  financial  protection against  loss from insurance  companies. They provide help against the risk of financial  losses that may result  from damage to insured .It is a policy in which an insurer gives loss to another from perils. 

      There are many types of insurance  policies. They are life insurance, health insurance, etc. You  should understand how insurance  works. You should  choose an adequate insurance  policy. Insurer  has three types of components. They are premium, policy limit,and deductible. 

        Most of the people take insurance policies. Different companies  offer different  types of policies. Premium insurance is sometimes a large amount. It is difficult  for ordinary  people to get insurance  by paying large amounts. Central  government  offers different types of insurance  policies. We can see an insurance  plan we can use in the case of accident  deaths. 

       It is called SBI personal  accident  insurance  policy. Under this policy  we will get a Rs 10 lakhs claim . You should pay Rs 500. It covers expenses of death of an insured person due to an accident or disability. Hospital  expenses, allowance, ambulance  charges are included in this plan. It is useful for all drivers. Now road accidents have increased. 

       You can pay Rs 500 yearly , we will get Rs 10 lakhs insurance.You can pay Rs 1000, we will get Rs 20 lakhs insurance  for accident  insurance.  It is personal accidental insurance.  It doesn’t have any other formalities. You should link Aadhaar with your PAN card. 

You can contact SBI  customer  care number. You should fill the claim form.Contact your nearest SBI  branch to apply for membership  in the insurance should link aadhaar card to the bank account. You should have an SBI account.  If you pay Rs 10,00 for ten years,you only have to pay Rs 10,000.If you pay Rs 500 yearly, you only have to pay Rs 6000. But you will get Rs 10 lakhs insurance.  

       The refund of the claim is Rs 20 lakhs. In case the policy holder is dead,submit the FIR of accident. Post mortem report from the hospital  is mandatory. In case of a disability  claim,a doctor’s certificate  is needed. It ensures safety. It only needs a small amount .It is an affordable  policy for common people. 

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