Rs 25,000 marriage  assistance  to the daughters of pravasi who died due to covid 19


      World breath first whiffs  of normality in over two years. Cities started with the people returning to work and the children to schools. But China is staring at another lock down. The lockdown in China has been under its zero tolerance, its purpose is to find and isolate every case. As  part of instant lockdown and zero tolerance. Houses of this region have to depend on social services offered by the Chinese government. 

       They provide ration, Medical and food deliveries. It provides a complete shutdown of border areas in a bid to keep the cases out and isolated who have tested positive. When the industrial city of  Changchun with a population of 9 million was put on lockdown. The public is not allowed to leave in Beijing and the government has schools in Shanghai.Here covid cases increase daily.

          It is the 4 th stage of covid 19. Delta cron is spreading  quickly in European  countries. Delta Crone  variant made from a combination of genes found in omicron and Delta variants. Compared with the earlier variants delta and omicron ,researches have not adopted the Delta Crone am officially, it appears unlikely to spread as easily. Mutations happen steadily until one becomes strong enough to become a new variant. It is mostly  spread in France, Denmark, and Holland. Our country is getting  rid of this epidemic  completely by completing  vaccination. So continue the covid norms. 

      The next two days in our state will be very hot.  Extreme temperatures  in six districts. Temperatures are likely to rise by two to three degrees.Those districts  are Kollam, alappuzha, Kottayam, thrissur,kozhikode, and kannur .Most of the districts  have temperatures above 36°c. Isolated rain is likely after next Tuesday. Do not go out until12 noon to 3 pm on  April 30th as there is a risk of sunburn. There have also been changes in employment guarantee timing.

     Bus Vehicles will not be  on the roads from April 1 unless bus fares are increased in the state. Raise the minimum charge from Rs 8 to Rs 12, increase the km rate from 90 paise to 1 Rupee, increase the concession rate for students to 5 rupees Avoid vehicle tax till the end of covid period these are the demands put forward by the bus owners.

      For the daughters of expatriates who died abroad or at home due to covit19 ,Nokha roots  in Association with Ravi  Pillai Foundation provides marriage assistance of up to Rs 25000.For more details  visit the official  website of norka roots. 

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