Revolt RV 400 – Electric  bike 

       Many types of e bikes are available. They are generally two broad categories. E bikes assist the riders pedal power and bikes that add a throttle ,integrating moped style functionality. Electric bike motor has an automatic switching  on the motor .It has two different  types of motors. One is the motors that are in the crank and motors that are in the rear hub.

        Electric bikes have extended  range,allowing them to commute without arriving easily, haul heavier goods,and take larger trips. Electric  bikes have the same wheels,handlebars, and body geometry as normal bikes. It has the same function including  pedals and brakes, the same as mechanical  bikes.If you are pedaling , you can go fast as you are able to pedal it. It has multiple  gears that allows adjusting pedaling effort passed to the wheels. The principles of using gears are similar,for conventional  bikes and electrical  ones. 

      It has an Electric  motor powered up to 750 watts. These are powered by pedals that proper the bicycle  with or without the help of the Electric motor. Today we can see an electric  bike . It starts with a remote. Its price is Rs 1,40,000.we will get a 20 % discount. It doesn’t need petrol.

     It is a Revolt  RV 400.It has regenerative  braking system.It has a large free wheel. It has tyre pressure 30 in back and 25 in front wheel. MRF tyre is used. It has an LED indicator. It has a speaker , it has 4 special sounds, a sports bike,etc. 

      We can start this Electric  bike with a remote. The remote has a location switch. We can detect our bike in the parking area. We will hear a sound from the parking  area. Unlock the key and long press the start button to start the bike. You should get off the bike with the remote. It is safer. 

     Battery pack is set near  the petrol tank.switch off the battery and take it out from the bike. We can remove and charge the battery. We can directly plug in and charge the battery  also.It has a USB charger. we can charge our mobile within it. 

        We can switch off the main switch  of the bike also.   It has an inbuilt speaker. We can set 4 types of sounds through the app. It has slow mode,mid range mode and fast mode. It has cast aluminium frames. These are rigid and lightweight.  It is a weight saving bike. 

      It has no gear box. Motor  is directly connected to the wheel.  It has projected headlamps. It has a long beam and clear vision. It has a 3 kw motor. Battery is Lithium ion . It takes 4.5 hours to charge completely  using a 15A socket.  Battery is linked with a 3 kW motor, which generates 54 N torque. 

      The side panels are covered with a lid in place of the fuel tank. We can change the mid or rear set footpeg position using foots. The indicator  mounted on the fender as well. It has a full LCD instrument cluster and 4G connectivity. It can be paired to one’s smartphone via the revolt app to check the details  like travel history,  battery health,nearest swap station, etc. 

       It has  keyless ignition. It has a combined braking system.  It has an artificial engine note that comes via speakers. We can change the tune to make different  bike sounds . The batteries  of these electric  bikes are waterproof,shockproof,and weather friendly. 

          We can ride  120 km maximum within one charge. It has an electronic  controller.   It has an immobilizer push start. It has tail lights. It has no moving parts. It has a belt drive. Its application  is an intelligent  ride companion.  It has jio locations  also. We can download  this application  from the playstore.

We will get helmets at Rs 4000. 

Revolt RV Driving Range – 150km/hr

Revolt RV Battery Capacity – 72V, 3.24 KWh

Maximum speed – 85km/hr

Battery charging Time – 4.5 Hours

Price – ₹1.06 Lakh in Mumbai

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