Renewal of C.H.Muhammed koya Scholarship  started

        Students are getting a lot of benefits in these days. Today I would like to share with you about an important scholarship. Applications for a number of scholarships are now invited. This is an important scholarship. 2020-2021 Renewal application of  C H Mohammed Koya scholarship has now started.

       Upto  Rs 13,000 is available through this scholarship. This amount is received in the form of hostel stipend. Applications must be submitted by October 30 .We can apply online through Akshaya janaseva Kendras.

       Fresh application for this scholarship is not currently invited. Girls get help through this scholarship. This scholarship is usually get between RS 5000 to Rs 7000.


  • It is available to students studying in government  educational institutions under a recognised University.
  • Muslim girls
  • Converted Christian girls
  • Latin Christian girls
  • From undergraduate courses to postgraduate courses
  • Professional courses
  • Non professional courses

          Those who take  professional courses get Rs 7000 and  and those who take non professional courses get Rs 5000. We need to renew it every year. The student can apply for hostel stipend or scholarship.

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