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      Kurtis are the most popular ethnic wear option for women. Stylish ,comfortable and versatile clothing options are available in the market. Ybou can wear kurtis with Palazzo ,leggings, jeggings ,salwar ,Patiala, pants ,dhoti salwar, skirts etc. Different types of kurtis are available in the market. straight,ethnic dress style,anarkali, flared,front slit,A- line kurtis are available. 

     Printed kurtis are available also.Fabric kurtis are easy to maintain and durable. Floral prints,Kalamkari kurtis are available. Kurtis are provided with a neat look for any occasion. Long loose kurtis are available  in the market. You can use it with pajama.kurtas are classic Indian cloth.kurtis are unstitched shirt dress combinations. You can wear it in winter and summer seasons. A kurti is derived out from kurtas.A kurta is a long ,loose shirt which is both men and women .kurtas are long ,reaching to calf.kurtis are short,which reaches to the waist.you can use kurtis with your jeans,shrug,cigarette pants, sharers pants,dhoti pant,denim jackets,etc.

     Indian kurtis are used as festival garments and worn during various festivals.mid thigh ethnic kurtis look beautiful. Kurtis are shorter. Aline ,straight kurtis are available in the market. Most teenagers prefer kurtis.it is the best garment for parties,occasions and routine wearing. It is good for comfortable dressing. 

    Most of the people  do not know the appropriate uses of Indian kurtis.Indian kurtis are used as festival  garments and worn during festival seasons. Indian kurtis give the perfect outlook on the festival  seasons. Many people used to go to offices with skirts and blouses.it will fit for office work.

     Most of the people select Kurtis for casual wear.it helps to feel free and able to walk around. There are various varieties of kurtis available in the market. Chiffon design,chiffon beaded,georgette design,georgette beaded .printed Kurtis  are available in the market. Beautiful flowers,dots are printed in the Kurtis. 

     Flared Kurtis are available in the market. Long Kurtis goes beyond the knees and may reach the toes .It is preferred by older women .Straight Kurtis are straight in nature with no curves .You can prefer it in officeworks.most of the people prefer latest fashion designs. Embroidered jacket designs, kite designs, side layered Kurtis, brocked layered,dhoti style, single shoulder,designs are available in the market. 

     Side layered kurtis are made with Georgette material. It gives a straight line on both sides. It looks like a coat and long sleeves. Brocked layered garments are made from pure silk.It is made with silk.The lower part is made with Georgette material. It contains golden decorations.

     Navy raw designs are available in the market. It is made with silk.it has horizontal lines in 3 colours.you can purchase the kurtis online at affordable  prices.Buying online is cheaper than buying from shops.

     We can see a place where we get kurtis at affordable prices.it is in sharath,kochi.It is the kurti manufacturing unit.it is a wholesale market.variety models are available.  It has 25 years experience. Different section materials  are available.  New trend model kurtis are available  here.It is a famous wholesale distributor.

      Different types of kurtis  are available.  Hand worked kurtis are available  .It is high neck materials. Variety  colours are available. Georgette, shifting materials are available. Wrinkle kurtis are available. These are comfortable materials. New trending kurtis  are available.  These are good quality  materials. 

     Kids’ clothes are available  here.variety of handwork, thread work, beads work kurtis are available. Patch worked kurtis are available.  Different  designs  are available. Frill type kurtis are available  here.butterfly sleeve kurtis are available here.

     Flared lengthy kurtis are available.  Butterfly model kurtis are available. Embroidery worked kurtis are available. Georgette,rayon,fabrics are available. Printed kurtis are available. These all are comfortable materials. Wrinkles kurtis are available. They provide wholesale rates.kaftans are also available  here at affordable  rates.you can use it in functions. 

    Over coat type materials  are available. Variety colors and designs are available. Frock type kurtis are available. Front pleated kurtis  are available. Kaftan curved design  materials are available. Feeding kurtis are available  here.These are sib type materials. Georgette, Rayon type feeding kurtis are available.50 size big size kurtis are available. 

Onam special item kurtis are available. A lot of kids’ items are available. Midi frocks are available. Cotton silk kurtis are available. Wrinkled premium kurtis are available. Slit kurtis are available. Different  colours of the same model are available. You can buy setwise only.kids kurtis are available from 13 to 36. Variety  midy sets are available. Variety colors are available. Handwork tops and skirts are available. 

     cotton kurtis are available. Big sizes, collar necks are available.  Variety printed cotton kurtis are available. Printed cotton kurtis are available. You can purchase it online.

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