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      An entrance gate is the most important thing in a house. It keeps intruders out of your home. We can see different types of entrance gates in the market. An entrance gate is the first line of defence against intruders. Frequently people struggle to find a proper gate to protect their home and property. An entrance gate provides security to the members of a house. It can be an investment when considering  the quality of gates. Quality of the product depends on how much you are willing to invest. Materials of lesser quality can appear nice from a distance, but nothing beats the look, feel and security of Genuine Henry. If you are the owner of a house, security should be the top priority. Installing a front gate will provide the security of your home and protection for your family. It is the first barrier for any unwanted visitors.

       It has a major role in increasing the property value. It provides more buyers interested in your property. Front gate protects your house from being an easy target for thieves. It is essential to keep your children and pets within a safe boundary. Front gates increase the curb appeal of your home. There are a lot of options available in the market. They are iron gates,aluminium and steel Gates. Front gate with an automatic feature also available in the market. You can control it with a car reader ,keypad,sensors,remote control ,etc.

      It helps to prevent the random vehicles from unauthorized entry. It keeps animals away from your home. It minimises nuisance, property damage and physical injuries. Front gates require no maintenance and it  saves your time and money. Every person wants extra security and protection in their homes. Security gates increase the beauty of your home.

      The style of your home exterior will determine the style of your gate. There are a variety of gate options available in the market. The most popular gates are swing gates and sliding gates. Swing gates are used for driveways. You can select single, double, by folder swing depending on your space. Sliding gate can give your property a modern look. Combat sliding gate is suitable for properties with more combat driveways.

     Wooden gates need to be regularly treated. Wrought iron Gates don’t require initial maintenance. These gates are more durable and resist corrosion. You can select the gates depending on your personal preference. A suitable gate provides curtaining and improves the security of worker space. Sliding Gates are works on the mechanism of moving swiftly as one moves it. You have to slide the gate to open it. The new sliding gates are delicate in design and lightweight.

      Earlier Turnstile gates are used near MetroCentre and  railway stations. But this type of Gates has a lot of benefits. So large organisations have started to incorporate them in the workspace. If you want aesthetic appeal for your property, you can select swing gates. Nowadays  many buildings are using automatic gates. Automatic Gates usually issue a gate pass to somebody who is entering for the first time and note down the details of vehicles. These gates are expensive. Electric Gates are attached to the main power line but it can work without any electricity issue.

     We can see a place where we get quality gates at an affordable price. It is a gate manufacturing company. We can see how  to make money using modern gates and technology. It is in AJ Tech, pineapple city,vazhakulam.All latest gates are available here.

     They used Apollo pipes for manufacturing. 304 pipes are used . It has rust resistant capacity. They used Gindal brand steel. They have a company in Bangalore  for laser cutting. They used a 3.5mm carbon cotton sheet.latest designed laser cutting  sliding  gates are available. 13 inch swing gates ,folding gates, sliding gates are here.

     After the fabrication, level the gates and polish it well. There is a machine for polishing. They provide green autophase to the gates. It prevents the water consumption of gates.Their gates have Apollo printing. They used grade printed steels .They used m seals and secured the gates. They used super epoxy and royal555 paint. It helps to last the gates. 

     Modular arch gates ,contemporary sliding, Contemporary designed gates are available here.These gates have good finishing. They have a showroom in the vengachood, eastern highway. Fully designed modular gates cost Rs 38,000. Basemodel gates are starting from Rs 23,000.Luxury sheraplant wooden ,punching steelgate has Rs 72,000.

     Fundermax wooden material gates are available here. It has a 10 year warranty.  It has Rs 53,000. Arch gates are available at Rs 37,000.They provide free service upto 10 kilometers. Variety models of gates are available here.Square type gates have Rs 35,000.It has lifelong guarantee. You can order here for gates. 250 designs are available. 

      Peacock designed  gates have Rs 32,000. It is a 12 inch gate. Wooden modular gates have Rs 29,000. Full metal worked gates have Rs 32,000. Folding gates are available at Rs 26,000.

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