Quality LED televisions  at factory  price/ 3 year warranty 

        Now most of the people use LED TV in their home. Most LED TVs are manufactured as smart TVs, which can be connected directly to the internet via Wi-Fi. LED TV is the LCD type of television that uses LEDs to backlight the display instead of cold cathode  fluorescent lights. Smart televisions look like regular televisions. Most of the people do all the things on a daily basis using their smartphone or laptop. 

       They stream services ,check their social media, etc through their smartphones. With the smart TV you can do all these things through television and more on the big screen. It is essentially an LED TV with Internet connection . It has the ability to connect various portable devices. You can access youtube or recorded TV episodes at the touch of a button. Up and down keys of the remote control helps you to choose the television program. These are the most popular forms of televisions. You will get amazing picture quality and witness an immersive viewing experience.

       LED TV needs less power and it  provides a bright display,  it has thinner panel and less heat dissipation than LCD TV. LED television uses light emitting diodes for back lighting. It saves electricity. It uses a small amount of electricity. So it is an energy efficient TV compared  to other types of televisions. It has a thin design and light weight .We can easily carry it. These types of televisions are more durable and long lasting than others. The lifetime of LED TV can reach 75000 hours. It is also environmentally friendly television . Because it is evidenced by light radiation emitted by Led TV screens much lower than other types of televisions.

        These LED types of television can be used to watch movies using external storage. Its maintenance is very easy.we can see a place where we get LED television  at low price. It is in Eye  plus LED TV & Home theater,behind coimbatore  airport ,coimbatore. We will get quality  products  from here. It is the factory  of LED, Android televisions. 

        Here they service the television  using a bonding service.  They bond and clean the television  at small rates.we can see a lot of models of televisions  here. They provide  good service. They provide a 3 years replacement  warranty  to the products. 65m75,86  size LED televisions  are available  here. We will get these televisions at factory  price. This television  is a frameless LED TV.  65 size LED television has Rs 1,50,000. Normally it has Rs above 2.5 lakhs. It has all types of  functionalities. 4K television . It is an edge to edge  75 inch television. It also has a 3 year warranty.  1 year replacement  warranty.  Second and third year have service warranty. 

        It has good clarity, it is  full of imported panels from Malaysia. It is assembled  by India. It has a barcode. You can scan it.It has  32GB memory .It is an android  smart TV. It has 3 HDMI ,RS,USB ,pots available.  It has a voice remote. You can tell and change  the channel.Remote has 1 year warranty. 

      You can Whatsapp the needs. They reply immediately. We can see it starting  from a 24 inch television. It is a full HD TV. It has Rs 8999.17 inch to 86 inch LED televisions available  here.17 inch television  has Rs 2999. a 40 inch TV is available.  Frame less starts from 43 inch televisions. 

      Here we can see a service  station.  They provide services  to all branded products. Most products use aluminum  backlights. But they use copper backlights. It increases the life of the television.  We will get quality  televisions at normal rates. In bonding, they select panel problems like half display, panel mapping,double image, blur image,black line,color mode ,white display.mother board problems like recon,short circuit, board services, etc.They remove these problems using a machine. They can see the minute problems and clear them. You will get a service dealership from here. 

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