Quality interlocking  bricks at Rs 35

       Every Person wants to build a house at a low cost. Low cost building materials not only increase access to permanent housing from low and middle income groups but also contribute towards sustainability, when locally available building material is used. Commonly used low cost construction materials are hollow concrete blocks, clay bricks ,concrete panels, with non conventional materials like Polymers, recycled blocks,etc. It helps to reduce construction time by half. We can use concrete blocks for building a house.Made by mixing Portland cement, water,stone blocks can either solid or hollow are lightweight, durable, and fire resistant. Concrete blocks are used for foundation, basement walls,as their cores can be filled with steel rods for enhancing strength. Interlocking bricks are designed with a projection on one side and depression on the other. They align with bricks of similar type to make walls. Interlocking bricks are made with literate stone powder,cement  and gravel.

         A house is a basic need of human beings. Construction of low cost housing is possible with use of low cost building materials. Low cost housing Construction is based on three factors that are structural design,budgeting, cost cutting, materials  ,etc.The construction of a house requires adequate foundation and structure. These constructing materials have a lot of potential as building material for low cost housing construction. These are easily and locally available materials in the market. 

       You should prefer load bearing structure instead of framed structure. It is cheaper than framed structure. The construction is low because a lesser amount of concrete ,steel rods are required for the construction. It needs less time in its construction. You can use hollow concrete bricks for load bearing walls.These are cheaper than stone and bricks.it is lightweight  and easy to handle.

      Foundation of a house is the main thing in the construction of a house.The depth of building 3 to 4 feet deep in the soil,we can make it upto 2 feet in depth in case of normal soils.It saves large amount of cost.you can use effective method for construction of staircase.you can use precast staircase system.it is quick and cheap construction method.This type of staircase can be simply supported with cantilever.

        Building cost which is 70% and labour cost which is also 70%.In case of low cost housing, the cost of building materials is less because we can make use of locally available materials in the market. The labour cost can be reduced up to a certain extent by proper time schedule for construction work.we can reduce the area by making use of thinner wall concept. We can use energy efficient materials which consume less energy. We can use environmentally friendly materials. We can make use of prefabricated structural elements for reduction of cost.

       Low cost construction depends on the intellect of the Civil engineer.He should be having enough knowledge for taking decisions helpful in cutting cost of the construction. 

       We can see that interlock bricks help to reduce the cost of a construction. You can build a budget home with these bricks.you can reduce the cost of a material.you can also avoid maximum dead space.you can use the plan maximum well.we can see how to make a budget friendly house.solid bricks, laterite bricks  are Normally used bricks. We can reduce 25% cost with interlocking  bricks. 

        Interlocking bricks are an enhanced form of conventional clay bricks. Each brick is designed to lock itself to the other bricks. Materials and equipment used for construction are fabricated to enhance the quality of construction and it helps to minimize the cost and time.Based on design, the shape of shear key will vary,complimentary lock is provided on opposite side of brick.These bricks are made with cement,sand and stone dust.It is mixed together in appropriate proportions.Then compressed  to form bricks with desirable interlocking patterns. 

        These  interlocking bricks are earthquake resistant. It is fully equipped to transfer seismic loads throughout the structure. It doesn’t require plaster work.It provides cooler interior.It minimizes cost effectively.It doesn’t require plaster work,minor bar bending work,lesser cement, fewer labourers.It is proved as the most time efficient way of construction. 

       You can finish the work easily. It doesn’t need cement mortar.enter portion of the brick has lock. 6 inch and 8 inch bricks are available. Mostly they use 6 inch bricks in retailed walls. We can save 25 % cost .6 inch will get Rs 27,8 inch bricks  will get Rs 40. We can cut these bricks  easily. 

        Clay bricks are also available.  It has a 15.50kg weight.it provides a cooling effect in the rooms. Provide compressive strength  and make these types of bricks, clay mixed machines are used here.we can buy huge quantities of bricks  from here.They used hydronic compressor  to make bricks. We will get finished bricks. 

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