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     Granites are coarse-grained igneous rock composed of alkali feldspar,quartz and plagioclase. It forms from magma with silica and alkali metal oxides that cools and solidifies.Granite is a large family of granite rocks.most of the granite rocks contain mica though few contai  no dark minerals. It is massive, tough and hard.True granites are classified by percentage of total feldspar. Granites whose feldspar is 65 to 90%alkali feldspar are syenogranite. The feldspar is 35to 65%alkali feldspar  known as monzogranite .A granite containing muscovite and biotite mica called binary granite. The density of a granite is between 2.65 to 2.75 g/cm3 .

     Granite is used for gravestones. It is a handstone. Granites are used as flooring tiles in commercial buildings. It is used as a pavement material. It is durable, permeable.It is an igneous rock that forms when magma cools in the underground. It is the oldest rock in the world. It is made up of minerals. It is harder and stronger than marble. It is resistant to heat.it can easily withstand hot cookware.The only material that is harder than granite is diamond.

      Granite is used for dimension stone,decorative  architectural stone and construction materials. It is used in bridges.It has variety in appearance. It is bacteria, scratch and stain resistant stone.we can use it in countertops and home applications. 

   Long lasting structures like temples,gravestones are made of Granite. Few Granites are used as gemstones in jewellery. It is very easy to clean.Granites are strong,durable, unique and hard material. Different types of Granites are available.  They are yellow Granite, brown Granite, blue Granite, red Granite, white Granite and black Granite. 


       We can see a factory outlet of Granites.you can buy Granite materials at low price .It is in stone factories, Krishnagiri granite factory. We can see the process of making granite.granites mine and cut from the hills.if you want to buy Granite,you should check the thickness,quality of the Granite. You should prefer granite based on the climate. 

    Above 200 granite factories are available in Krishnagiri.local mines are here. And blocks come from other mines for production of Granites.blocks are cut and cleaned using a machine. Then slice the Granite blocks using a multi cutter.

       Slabs are usually sliced in 18mm.Then edge cutting is done.It helps you get current edges.Then grinding and polishing the Granite slabs.computer polishing is used.it helps to get 100% careful processing.Then applying transparent epoxy for glicing.it helps to get mirror finishing.one day needed to absorb it. Then polish it well.

     You should check the epoxy,stains,cracks.There are mainly 3 types of categories.  First category is used to export.premium customers are used first categories. Second categories are used to sell the market. You can check the dark epoxy. In interior uses it is good ,but in exterior uses,the color fades .After 5 years the color of this type of  granites fades.You can prefer transparent epoxy.

        Rusting is another problem of granites.  You should check it. You should check the rough part of the granites. After laying these problems are starting. You should check the cracked tiles.they transport materials at wholesale price.There are above 100 varieties of granites. Granites start from Rs 65 to 250.

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