Quality dhotis at low cost 

      Everyone  wants to buy quality clothes at low cost. You would expect there to be a positive  correlation between price and quality. More expensive clothes are not necessarily better.more expensive  materials have a nice feel when you touch it. But it might be less durable. Most people select clothes depending on the fit,style and brand of the clothes. Quality  of a cloth underlies all other factors. The true value of cloth is very little. Quality is a very important factor. High quality makes someone more confident. It looks better on an individual. It creates a cloth that looks more attractive. 

       Today we can see a place where we get high quality  materials  at low cost . You  can buy and start a business  with these materials.  You will get  a good profit  from this business.  We can purchase clothes from here from Rs 3000 onwards. It is in Sri velavan khaki store(Thankam dhotis outlet), near PS Park,erode. 

         It is a manufacturing  shop. We can buy dhotis,shirts, sarees,lungi,and kerchief,etc.it is a wholesale shop.we can order through websites . Dhotis  starting from Rs 42 .we will get 12 colours of dothis. They are 2meters. All products are quality  materials.  We can buy 500 varieties  of dhotis here. Pure cotton,mixed dhotis are available  here. Pure cotton dhoti has Rs 137 .

           We will get single and double dhotis  here.polyester dhotis double start from Rs 110. Double cotton starts from Rs 169. 4meter  pure cotton double dhoti price is Rs 216.we will get different  colours of dhotis.we can see the details of new models of dhotis in their websites. 

         We will get lungis at 69 from here. We will get 30 colors of check lungis.lungis are pure cotton. We can buy printed lunges from here. It has Rs 80 to Rs 150. We can buy combed cotton at Rs 124. We can see different types of khaki here. Its price starts from Rs 65.We can buy  shawls from here. Its price starts from Rs 26.Towels start from Rs 49. 

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