Preeza LED TV/4k/ 3 year warranty/ Full sound bar 


         LED backlit LCD televisions are liquid crystal displays that use LED for backlighting. LED televisions are flat panel LCD TV sets that use light emitting diodes for its backlight. It is more powerful. It is more power efficient light and produces a deeper black and more saturated color. There are mainly three local dimming back like techniques. These lights dynamically dim the light behind the black area of the image. Leds are farther away from the screen to help each light to spread more pixels. Edge lit LED TV beam light to the back of the screen from their sides.In LED TV, the full line of the lights covers the fullback of the screen. LCD television has cold cathode fluorescent lights. But LED TVs have light emitting diodes.

      Led is a semiconductor device. It emits visible light when an electric current passes through it. It needs lower power than LCD television. It converts power to light more efficiently. It lasts longer than other televisions. There are mainly three different LED technologies available in the market. Edge lit LED televisions are the most commonly used product. In this television white LEDs are situated around the edge of the screen. It can be very thin.


       Dynamic RGB LED is another type of LED television. It is dimming more precisely. Full array LED TVs are another type of LED television . It is positioned behind the panel. In a quantum dot based LED display, it enables plasma for picture quality. LED televisions have thinner screens with sharper edges. LED televisions have superior black levels.LED televisions are more energy efficient. But the price of LED television is higher than LCD TV. Most common type  LED televisions  are flat screen televisions. If you want to choose a television you should understand your viewing requirement.


       We can see a place where we get branded LED Televisions at affordable prices. These LED TVs have good clarity. It is preeza led TV,tirupur. It is a registered brand.They provide the best oiffers ti the customers. You will get 4k televisions at an offer rate.They provide 3 year warranty including panel.They provide 1 year replacement warranty.They provide quality products.They provide cash on delivery payment method.full 4k LED TV available.17 to 75 inch televisions are available here.It starts from Rs 1999.


Features of preeza LED 43 inch 


  • Quality panel
  • Full Sound bar model
  • Copper backlit
  • Replacement warranty for panel
  • 3 HDMA
  • The cost of 43 inch is the same as 32 inch.


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Preeza LED TV

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  • 43 inch LED TV – Full HD, Quality panel,


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