Power tools at low price 

       Power tools are used for an additional  power source and mechanisms used for manual labour with hand tools.power tools are used in many industries. It is used for cooking,cleaning, drilling, cutting, sandling, grinding,polishing,painting,  heating, etc.Hand held power tools produce large amounts of noise and vibrations. Using power tools without hearing protection over a long period  of time  can lead to risk for hearing loss.

        power tools are used to perform a variety  of tasks. Now many advanced tools are available  for professional and home  use. Hand tools are simple to design and easy to use.main types of hand tools are screwdrivers,ring spanners,drive sockets,wrenches,drive sockets,etc.

     Power tools are more complex and used for advanced  tasks. These tools are used with electricity. We can do many complex tasks with power tools. It helps the workers to complete difficult tasks easily  in less time with lesser effort. It increases the efficiency  of workers by simplifying their work. It helps to complete construction  tasks cleanly. 

       We can see a place where we get power tools at low prices. It is inTM TOOLS,ukkadam,  coimbatore. We can buy chainsaws at Rs 3700 – 6500. We can see 5 varieties  of chain saw here. We can buy 10 mm drilling machines at 600. The 13 mm machine costs Rs 800. 10 mm drilling  machines with  reverse forward is Rs 850,etc.

      We can buy paint mixture at Rs 2200. Wecan buy a concrete hole machine at Rs 1800. We can buy small to large types of machines. We will get all types of tools here. We will get a generator, power tools,motor,petrol  motor engine,welding machine, sprayer,from here.

     The price of the welding machine  is Rs 3200- 4500. We can buy 3000 w generators. Self start and ordinary  start generators are available. The service is free.  It has RS 23,000 Price.  7 kw self start ,digital display generator  has Rs 44000. Petrol water motor is available  here. Its price is Rs 8000.

      We can buy a petrol multipurpose  engine at Rs 5500. It has 5hp power. We can use it in boats. Petrol sprayer costs Rs 6200. The  putty wall sander 2200w is available  here. We can see many types of washers  here. Large demolishers  are available  here. 

        Electrical water motors are available,  water motors price is Rs 3500. It has a 1 year warranty.  Electrical vibrators are also available . Its price is Rs 1900. We can buy electrical machines to remove nuts and bolts from vehicles. Wire crimping tools up to 300 mm available.  Its price is Rs 3000. Spray paint gun is starting  from Rs 450. We can buy a full set of Spanners at Rs 2300. We can buy all the power tools at a low price. We can use these tools in workshop uses. We can buy a screwdriver at Rs 60.

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