Portable Sealing Machine Business  –  how to start,how to earn profit  from this business 


      Everyone  wants to start a business  with low investment. A business  idea is very essential  to start a business. Business  ideas are a concept that can be used for financial development.  It is mainly targeted at a product  that can be offered for money. The time,money and risk involved in the business depends on the type of business. We can start a business that focuses less on logistics. Low investment  businesses are good entries  for beginner entrepreneurs. You should select  a strong  idea for a business. Then build a brand and make good marketing  ,provide excellent customer  service. It helps to become a good entrepreneur. 

      If you want to start a good business, you just have to find a solution  for a problem  in your life.Now a lot of people are searching for new business  ideas with low investment. The main  problem is the talented youth do not have enough capital to start a flourishing business. 

      We can see a simple low investment  idea. It has a high demand  in our market.  We will  get a good profit  from this business.  It is a portable sealing machine. Sealing machines are used to seal containers  with powders,granules,liquids, sprays,etc.These machines seal an individual package. We can see many different  types of sealers.Sealing machines transport plastic  film horizontally or vertically.

      We can start this business  very easily. We can seal the cut part of the  covers using  this machine. It is a small machine. It is a battery  operated  machine. We can sell it through the offline  market and online.we can start accounts on websites  and sell it. We can buy this product  at Rs 50 and sell it at Rs 250.

         We can buy online and it has 10 days replacement.  We can buy it from India mart at Rs 45 / piece. We should buy 200 piece at a time. Then we can sell it through  online or offline market. You can earn large benefit from this business. It is a electronic device.  So you should  check it carefully. Then you can replace it. It has one year warranty. We can sell this product  through direct marketing  also. 

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