Phygicart online business  – How to enter this platform,  How to earn 


            Now online businesses  have a lot of opportunities. We will get global access .It improves client service  through greater  flexibility. Online businesses  are cost saving .we can deliver products faster. It reduces paper wastes. We will get opportunities  to manage your business from anywhere  in the world. You should  plan a good business idea. Research your competitors. Review your budget to work out what you can afford. Consider your requirements  you need and types of computer equipment. Most of the big companies  and small businesses  found their way online.  You should ensure brand awareness  and customer engagement. Online business  helps your business  reach out with its audience at global level. 

       Online business doesn’t  require warehouse, inventory, transportation  vehicles, etc you can simply send products  directly to the customers. Online stores require  less money. You can use social  media marketing  also. You can conduct online  business from anywhere. You are simply  able to keep records of activities  and purchase orders.  

      Everything around  us is now becoming  online. All activities in government  offices , shopping, banking sectors  and the school are becoming  online. There are a lot of platforms available like Amazon and flipkart. Let us get acquainted with a platform  like that. It is called phygicart. 

     Phygicart is an e-commerce, direct selling combined platform. It is an innovative   e commercial business  model.Direct selling of this platform  applied for organizing customers  into mapped genealogy   for sharing affiliates.It connects e-commerce and direct marketing on a single platform. 

       We can be a part of it and earn through  it. We can purchase online and physically  through  this platform. Its chairman was Mr. Bobby Chemmannor. He is a successful  businessman. Amish K Joy and Dr Jolly Antony are co partners of this service. Phygicart started in 2016 at Dubai. It is the number 1 direct  selling company  of Dubai. It was launched  in India in 2018

       It has almost all types  of branded products. We can buy all these products  at low cost from here. We can enter this Platform  easily.


  • KYC Documents 
  • Pan card
  • Bank account  details 

       We can register  an ID and promote it. We can promote physically  and through online.In online promotion after the ID registration,  we will get a link from the company. We can share this link through  social  media.we can share this link to friends  and relatives. Otherwise we can share physically  about this company.  

         We will get a lot of profits from promotion. We will get retail  profit,business expansion  bonus,monthly  performance  bonus,generation bonus, annual profit, awards and rewards.Retail profit is if anyone purchased through  the shared link ,you will get a profit from the company. 

       In business  expansion bonus, if we can register  a store after purchasing 100 points. Company gives 2 channels .We can add 2 partners.we will get.1 pv has Rs 20 and 100 pv has Rs 2000.The partners  will get this opportunity  also. They can add 2 partners  and they can earn through  this platform. After 500 pv we will get Rs 10000.we can earn up to Rs 30000 per day. 

        In the generation bonus, the company rated a tree for you. Company  gives profit  to you till 9 th generation. Monthly performance  bonus is if you reach bronze rank, the company  gives salary to you. If you match 2000 points  on the left and right, the company gives Rs 400000 and then the company  gives Rs 15000 to 25000 salary. Annual profit  is the 0.5 % to 1% total business  volume distributed to all qualified diamond, crown  diamond,  crown ambassador ranking stores. 

           The members  will get alot of  awards and rewards. You will get a Rider fund of Rs 50,000. And Rs 5,00000 car fund. Diamond club  members will get an international  family diamond club member will get premium car ambassador  club member  will get happy home fund (Rs 1 crore).

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