Personality depend on the position of skin moles 

                     To say that, the mole is related to behaviour is to some extent it is true . Moles are not just in the places where we look, there will also be hides in hidden parts . You can evaluate it yourself. It is possible to make an impression about others. When  you ask a doctor what the moles are, they say pigment growth . An average human can have 10 to 40 moles in the body. When science says it’s only melanin growth. it is true that 80 to 90 percentage of moles are related to positions .

Moles on the nose

 at the ends  

  •  Short tempered 
  • egoistic

 The side of the nose 

  • They get the happy married life 

Right side of the nose

  •  People with social connections 
  • They  will be many friends.

 Left side of the nose

  • They  will be plenty of suffering in the youth.
  • They get  success comes only through sufferings.

 Moles on the eyes

 Inside  the right eye 

  • The possibility of getting rich quickly. 

Inside the left eye

  • More likely to be arrogant 

Near the cornea

  •  Brave
  •  Bold 

Under the eye

  •  It can be difficult for them or their children 

Between the eye  and eyebrows 

  • they are very talented .
  • They have creative ideas .
  • They will vacated from the place of dispute .
  • Leadership quality 

Between two eyebrows

  • There will always get  good opportunities.

 In the eyebrows

  •  Happy married life .
  • Rare .
  • Highly intelligent .


  • They are successful persons.
  • They will be famous .
  • People  with good earnings.
  • They are opulence.

 Right side of the forehead

  • They get good life partner or business partner .

Middle side

  • They get  good married life.
  • They have  good communication skill.

Ear lobe

  • They are faithful 
  • family centric .
  • friendly

 Behind the ear lobe

  •  happy married life 

In the ear

  • Rare
  • Highly intelligent.
  • They have high  grasping power.

 Under the earlobe

  •  Their life is a sign of wealth.


  •  Extreme wonderful personality.
  •  Lovable .
  • Trustworthy
  •  Natural Karisma .
  • They have attractive tendency


Right cheek

  • Sensitive 
  • Courageous
  • Caring 
  • Lovable approach

 Left cheek

  • Arrogant.
  • Introvert 
  • Courageous 


  • Elegance 
  • Successful sexual life.
  • They are good communicators.
  • They like adventures.
  • They have more friends.
  •  Lovable character
  •  Realistic thinking .
  • They have more  beauty concepts.
  • Sentimental.


  • logically thinking .
  •  More beauty concepts


  •  faithful 
  • straightforward and honest 


Right palm

  • PTO be rich

 Left palm 

  • no financial management
  • They loss money in many ways


  • They like travelling


  •  People who have  patience
  •  Hard working.
  •  They get automatically result for hard work.
  •  Good decision makers.
  • Their partner will be humble.


  •  Lazy people
  •  Think about luxurious life.


  •  Late marriage
  •  Late babies

Middle collarbone

  •  happy married life
  •  trustworthy
  • Loyal

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