Permanent solution for knee pain,back pain

           Today I would like to  inform you about the permanent solution for knee pain, back pain. The most common causes of knee pain and back pain are related to aging,repeated stress.It is a pain in or around the knee that affecting the knee joint.

       Swelling throughout the body,body pain,neck pain,fatigue,altered sleep,altered memory are the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is also called fibrositis.

        It is a chronic disease .It is not a progressive disease.Mainly it caused by progressive physical / emotional stress. 

        It can be diagnosed by exerting pressure on 18 small spots(tender spots) located through out the body.It leads to weight gain.Hormonal imbalance is  another cause. It is caused in 80% women.

        Avoid stress related events.Take adequate sleep,exercises. Take adequate  diet. Avoid high caloric diet.

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