Permanent relief from freezing of limbs 

       Today I would like to inform you about a natural home remedy for freezing of limbs. Freezing of limbs is a common problem.It is a temporary involuntary inability to move. It can be happen commonly in night time.  Sometimes we attempt to rise from sitting, it will happen. 

     It has no causes. It occurs without warning. It is due to the vitamin deficiency of our body . So take vitamin containing foods.  Add egg, milk, green peas,cabbage,malli leaves to our diet.  These changes any damage to our nerves.

      Add 2 teaspoon apple vinegar ,honey to 1 glass water.  Mix well and drink it. 

      Take 1 teaspoon extra virgin oil ,1 teaspoon coconut oil and mix well. Apply to the freezing parts. And massage well. It relieves the freezing of limbs. 

     Add  Epsom salts in a bucket of hot water. Put our feet down on it. We get a permanent relief from freezing of limbs.

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