Peanut candy business- How to start,  How to make perfectly, impotance


Peanuts have a lot of health  benefits.  Boiled peanuts are a very popular snack in our country.Peanut is an excellent  source of manganese ,niacin ,fiber,vitamin  E,phosphorus ,copper and magnesium. Peanuts are low in carbohydrates. It has excellent  sources of vitamins  and minerals. It has a rich dietary source of biotin,copper, niacin(vitamin  B3),folic acid,thiamine,etc.It helps to weight maintenance. It reduces  the risk of obesity. It prevents gallstone formation. Peanuts have antioxidant  effects.  It helps to purify the blood.It strengthens bones also.

       Many foods help to strengthen our body and boost our immunity. Flavorful combination  of jaggery and peanut treats hemoglobin deficiency. We can select peanut candy as the perfect solution  for our children. We should ensure that our children stay off junk foods. 

      Peanut candy is a healthy candy made from peanuts and jaggery.  It is a perfect replacement  for chocolates. We can make peanut  candy within 20 minutes. We need 1 cup peanuts,¾ cup jaggery,1 tablespoon ghee. Firstly roast the peanuts in a pan on medium  flame. Stir well. Then a.low the peanuts to cool. Remove the skin of the peanuts. 

       Take the countertop of a plate .Take a pan and add ghee  to it. Add jaggery and stir well continuously. After dissolving the jaggery, stir well for 5 minutes in low flame. After the jaggery gets a consistency, turn off the flame and add peanuts to it. Mix well .Pour this mixture over the greased surface of the plate. Then roll the mixture  flat using a rolling pin. Then make cuts with a knife while the spread is still hot.  After cooling , break it into pieces and store it in an airtight container. 

        Do not heat jaggery for a long time.because it will turn too hard. Spread the mixture on a greased surface when it is hot. It is very easy to make. The origin of peanut candy is kovilpatti,Tamil Nadu.we can see a person  who makes 1000 kg peanut candies.These candies are very hygienic.  Firstly they wash the peanuts well. Then they roast the peanuts in a machine using sand. These peanuts are tasty. After cooling the peanuts,put them in a peeling machine. It helps to split the peanuts.  Then filter the peanuts and again sort it. Then spread the mixture and cut it with shapes. 

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