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Want to be a part of the world-famous Jewellery makers? Then don’t miss the chance,read the details below to get the opportunity.

Pandora creates and sells fashionable jewellery that is both hand-finished and created from materials of the highest quality at reasonable costs. Around 7,800 retail locations, including over 2,400 “concept stores,” sell Pandora jewellery in over a hundred different nations across six different continents.

 Pandora was established in 1982 and has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Of the Company’s more than 27,300 employees, roughly 13,200 are based in Thailand, wherein the jewellery is produced. The shares of Pandora are traded openly on the Nasdaq Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark. Overall, Pandora made DKK 22.8 billion in 2017 (about EUR 3.1 billion). Latest Job openings

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The Pandora narrative is about a firm with a unique brand and unique products that has made the extraordinary journey from a small, local Danish jeweller’s store to a globe-leading, global jewellery corporation that operates in more than 100 countries in a relatively short amount of time.Pandora established a massive production plant in Gemopolis, a Bangkok suburb known for its jewellery sector, in 2005. Since then, we’ve launched two new facilities; the Triple A plant in Gemopolis in 2018 and a manufacturing site in Lamphun, near Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, in 2017.Two years after Axcel’s 2008 purchase of a 60% stake in Pandora, the company went public on the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Stock Exchange in 2010.

Pandora has its own in-house design and production team, as well as international marketing and the immediate distribution in the majority of its regions thanks to its vertically integrated business model. More than 100 countries across six continents have access to Pandora’s wares through over 6,500 retail locations, including about 2,500 concept stores.

The Beginning Years: 1982–1999

Almost 30 years ago, everything began. In 1982, Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie opened a small jewellery boutique in Copenhagen, Denmark, which would later become known as Pandora.

They began making frequent trips to Thailand for imports of jewellery. They originally targeted retail customers in the United States, but as demand grew they moved their attention to wholesale customers in Denmark.

After several fruitful years as wholesale suppliers, the company ceased its retail operations in 1987 and relocated to larger quarters. At the same time, Pandora hired its first designer to work exclusively on the company’s jewellery designs. Manufacturing of the jewellery was moved to Thailand in 1989.

The Years 2000-2009: Establishing a Global Foothold

Pandora, a Danish company, introduced the concept of charm bracelets to the world in the year 2000. As a result of the positive reception the idea received from consumers, the organisation began to expand globally in the years that followed, penetrating markets as diverse as the United States (2003), Germany (2004), and Australia (2005).

In the years that followed, Pandora exploded onto the global stage, thanks in large part to the efforts of third-party distributors and Thailand’s robust production capabilities.

In 2005, Pandora erected a massive, six-story, wholly-owned production facility in Thailand to boost its production capacity. This facility is now an integral part of the company’s present production and infrastructure. Our special production structure was bolstered in 2010 by the addition of two more factories in the same area, where Pandora had already constructed a third factory in August 2008.

PANDORA – Service and the Products 

Pandora has its own in-house design and manufacturing departments, as well as marketing abroad and direct distribution in the majority of its markets. Products can be found in over 70 countries across 6 continents at approximately 10,300 retail locations, including 900 concept shops. (Dubai more jobs APPLY NOW)

More than 40 countries on six continents stock this jewellery brand, making it one of the top three in the world by 2009 estimates of retail revenue.

 Excellent reputation as a provider of contemporary, high-quality, hand-finished fine jewellery at reasonable prices.

Vacancies in Pandora

Numerous international job openings await you at Pandora. Pandora is all about finding your own voice. The spotlight will be on you and your brilliant ideas will be appreciated. You will be given every opportunity to advance in your current position or to explore new ones in your shop, corporate, or any of our other locations across the world. Come take advantage of the wonderful possibilities for development and education that exist here. Vacancies now open are: (Dubai more jobs APPLY NOW)

Vacancy Details
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Senior Software Engineer, Web PlaybackMultiple LocationDetails & Apply
Senior Principal Software ArchitectMultiple LocationDetails & Apply
Senior Software EngineerMultiple LocationDetails & Apply
Analyst, Sales Research AnalyticsMultiple LocationDetails & Apply
Senior Cloud Developer – Streaming DistributionMultiple LocationDetails & Apply
Principal Software Engineer, iOSMultiple LocationDetails & Apply
Staff Software Engineer, iOSMultiple LocationDetails & Apply
Staff Software EngineerMultiple LocationDetails & Apply
Board Operator, Talk ProgrammingMultiple LocationDetails & Apply

How to Apply 

Interested candidates can apply through the official career page of Pandora. The company has published various vacancies on different sections. Filling an online application form with necessary personal, academic and experience details with CV and cover letter is all that is required for applying.

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