Organic banana powder business  – how to  start ,machineries, how to get huge profit 


     Business is very important for the development  of an economy  of a country. True businesses  are used in industries. Industries  use men,materials,  money,machines ,etc. It helps to create employment for all the people.  Commerce  is the exchange of products.we can use natural  resources  for business. We can use natural  resources thr proper and efficient utilization  of resources. It helps to provide various  types of jobs.It helps to solve unemployment problems. 

      You  can earn a huge profit  through  these businesses. It provides investment  opportunities.  It helps the establishment  of new industries. After successful business, the profit is owned by investors  and it ensures large profits which can be invested in the establishment  of newer business. It improves  our quality  of life.It offers employment  opportunities to the people .

     Banana is an edible  fruit.Bananas are rich in nutrients, sugar, starch,potassium, calcium ,sodium and magnesium. These are high in Carbohydrates, vitamins  and minerals. Good harvest, handling practice  needed in maintaining the quality  and safety of bananas. Over widening and mechanical  damage caused  by bruising and compression  of banana. 

     We can process a variety  of value-added products  from banana.The ripe banana can be used in a variety  of ways in our diet. We can use it from simply peeled and eaten ,sliced and served in fruit cups, salads,sandwiches,gelatine, custards,etc. We can use mashed banana into the ice creams,bread, and muffins.

     We can see how to make profit  from raw bananas. We can make banana chips and sell them to the markets. We will get a good profit  from this business.  We can see how to make an organic  banana powder business.  

     Bananas are always available  in our market.  We can start to buy bananas from the market and make small slices. Then dry it well and make powders. It is a very good nutritional  food for children. We can market it through offline and online. In offline marketing ,we can select  medical stores,super markets also. 

   We can sell it online also. We should select  attractive packaging. We will get good marketing. Always sell good quality  products.  We can make this powder at home.  We need a single phase 220v electric tray dryer. We can use this machine in our home.  Its price is Rs 12,500. And also we need a flour mill. We will get a domestic  flour mill at Rs 9890. It has a 2 year warranty. 

    We can buy raw bananas from wholesale  markets. We can make small slices using a vegetable  chopping machine. Then dry it using a dryer. Then make fine powder using a flour mill. Then pack the powder in small packets and sell them to the markets. You should not add preservatives.  

       It needs a panchayat  license, FSSAI license,and GST registration. We should invest Rs 100000 for this business. Daily expenses  are Rs 4600.we can sell 40 kg banana powder  per day. We should have a marketing  strategy.  We will get a good profit  from this business. 

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