Now we can apply for laptop through kudumbasree 

      Today I would like to inform you about a happy news.Students get laptop from this scheme. It’s called vidyashree scheme. Vidyashree scheme is the the scheme,during the time of covid 19,our government of kerala has launched an online education programme. The students access  education from their homes.Kerala state proposed this scheme with kudumbasree .It supports kudumbasree members to avail laptops . The purpose of this scheme is to ensure online education. This scheme was introduced jointly by KSFE and kudumbasree.

       It is useful for the people who has under financial difficulties . Kudumbashree should be completed for at least six months.CDS must be registered. There should be no loan arrears.We get laptop through this scheme. Now we can apply for lap top.

         The parents should be the member of kudumbasree.Submit the application to the kudumbasree.The total amount is Rs 15,000. We will repay in 30 months by paying Rs 500 per month. We will get Rs 14250  from the third month.We can buy a laptop with this amount. Main ly there are 4 types of laptops. Coconix ,elsar, HBO,lenovo.

      We can apply now through kudumbasree.  First 9 months we pay the amount correctly, the amount of tenth month will pay the government.  If we pay the 19 month amount,correctly, government pay the 20 th month amount.If we pay the 29 months amount correctly,30 th month amount will pay the government. In case of default,KSFE will charge 12% interest.

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