Not tomorrow do it Today 

          This is one of the biggest response of Malayalees to Karnataka inhumanity to Kerala. Karnataka has closed  its boundaries with Kerala in 12 places. The road was closed with mud to prevent the Keralites entering the Karnataka . It  mostly affected were those living in Kasargod and those who depend on Mangalore hospitals .

But the inhumane Government of Karnataka has not even heeding the request of the Keralites and the court ,with this shut down a few lives were lost .

              But the Malayalees are responding to this to build a huge setup made at all  borders with the challenge. From now onwards medical shops,restaurants, grocery stores,mobile workshops, dialysis centres will be set up across borders. It is not until the lock down period, nowadays Malayalees can live in peace without depending on anyone else.

            In spite of all the inhumanity shown to Kerala, we will never close the border of Kerala. Karnataka did not obey the chief minister of Kerala,court  and centre .Kerala has come out with a earnest reply to Karnataka .They become a question mark for food and health of over 13 lakh peoples. Let answer those questions? The replay has come .

        Shops and medical stores are opening in the 12 locations that have been closed. These are not announcements, but this is to start today. Each day there will be rise several shops. Whatever they denay  is going to start here. Arrangements have been made for dialysis in Kasargod.

  •  Go to the nearest PHC and inform them that you need dialysis .
  • They will contact kasargod  DMO .
  • After preparing the dialysis system, the DMO will contact you directly.
  •  All machines equipped in Kasargod.
  • Technicians were lacking, but last week district collector reported live that there was a need for dialysis technicians. 15 technicians were selected . They have started their service in three shifts.
  • No one should seek Mercy in Mangalore for dialysis.All systems have been set up by the government .

Foods will be prepared at kalikadavu and Thalapadi  for the freight vehicles coming to Kerala .If the vehicles need repair , there have been launched the mobile workshops.

It all started today not tomorrow.

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