New updates about LPG cylinder subsidy Rs 200 to get PMUY beneficiaries

Gas cylinder is a pressure vessel for storage of gas at above atmospheric pressure. It has a cylinder valve. It is the most vulnerable part of the compressed gas package. There are mainly four types of valves. They are pressure seal valve, packed valve, o ring valve, diaphragm Valve. A regulator is designed to regulate delivery pressure of a gas from a gas cylinder. It doesn’t handle flow of reduces high pressure from cylinder to lower pressure. Gas cylinders are used to transport and store gas under pressure. LPG cylinders are filled at 80%capacity.

Finance minister announced that the Indian government will give a subsidy of Rs 200 per gas cylinder to over 9 crore beneficiaries of pradhan mantri ujjwala yojana.It helps to ease burden arising from rising cooking gas rates. The Union government decided to cut Central excise duty on petrol and diesel.they provide subsidy for gas cylinders.

The government is devoted to the welfare of poor people.They provide a number of steps to help the poor and middle class people. The Central government reduced excise duty on petrol by Rs 8/litre and on diesel by Rs 6/ litre.It will reduce the price of petrol by Rs 9.5/litre and of diesel by Rs 7/ litre.

Central government reducing the customs duty on raw materials and intermediary for plastic helps to reduce the cost of products. Customs department said that excise duty of fuel has been cut by reducing road cess.

LPG price determined by state run oil companies. All households in India have LPG connections. It is used for cooking.An increase in LPG prices will affect the common man in general. LPG is Liquefied petroleum Gas.It is used as fuel for cooking.It is prepared by refining petroleum. It is recovered from wet natural gas by absorption process.This product has low boiling point .it should be distilled to remove lighter fractions. Then remove carbon dioxide, water and hydrogen sulfide.It will be transported through a pipeline.

LPG cylinders will reach home for domestic usage. It can be stored for a long time without degradation. It is the most preferred cooking oil.Because it burns rapidly, it gives off instant is visible in nature. It can be adjusted to meet heating requirements. It can be transported from one place to another. It is non toxic when burns effectively. Replacement of cylinders can be done easily.

Pradhan manthri ujwal yojana provides LPG connections below poverty line.under this scheme,users will get Rs 1600 for LPG domestic connections. They will get an interest free loan to purchase a gas stove,refill cylinders. Beneficiary of this scheme is a woman of BPL family.she should have attained 28 years of age.she should not have LPG connection in her name.

Central and state governments reduce fuel tax . It reduces the price of petrol and diesel. RS 10.41 for petrol and Rs 7.36 for diesel reduced. This decision is a great relief to the people. You can also be a member of ujjwala yojana. Fill the KYC form and you can apply for this can download the application form online.more than 9crore Beneficiaries of pradhan manthri ujwal yojana will get subsidy Rs 200per gas cylinder (upto 12 cylinders). Now it’s cost is Rs 803 per 14.2kg cylinder.

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