New land rule,we can convert  land up to 25 cents free of cost

       Today I would like to inform you  about new information . This is an important information for those with land less than 25 cents. This is an important order issued by our state government. There has been a significant reduction in the fee for changing the type of property.

        For land up to 25 cents, no fee is required to change the type. Previously the fee was 10 to 50 percentage of the base price. The government has also decided to consolidate the fees.

       For land between 25 cents  to 1 acre filled before December 30, 2017, a fee of 10 % of the base price is payable. It is Same in panchayat, municipality, corporation. Those with more than 1 acre of land have to pay 20 percentage of base payment. 

        The conversion of land with an area of up to 25 cents done free of cost. This concession will be given to the land categorized before december 30,2017.If the land  divided in to plots after 30 December,2017,will not get this concession.

     If the building measures above 3000 square feet  ,will pay Rs 100 per quarter feet.submit application ,ownership details,Rs 1000 chellan ,s,etch of land to the RDO.

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