New business  idea for women – Rs 500 profit/day within 4 hrs 


  Every woman can start their own business  at home..They can manage their household with this amount and they can be self independent. A crisis for some businesses can be an opportunity for others. Some businesses are downloading their shutters and many work from home businesses are starting. You can also start a business from home . you should open your eyes to new business opportunities and learn new skills to help you become a successful business woman. If you are wondering how to start a small business at home with no money. We can see a  business idea starting from   our home with no investment.

      Womens are more career minded, competent and intelligent people. So the increase of women entrepreneurs in India has been slow as compared to other countries but the change seems inevitable. Business women in India are making their mark in various domains of business like fashion ,journalism ,interior designing etc.

      You can start your own business with a set of risks. Some economical small business ideas for women are suitable to start and allow them to grow their business over time without leaving their home. You can follow a proven success model, make it your own and become successful. Take a look at many business ideas and decide what is favourite for you and your family.

       We can see a business idea for women. You can work from home at least  4 hrs per day and earn Rs 500 per day.After covid pandemic,most of the hotels are open. Must they face a big problem.  The workers of hotels select other jobs. So you can use the most of this opportunity now. You can make idli  at home and  distributed to hotels. You can calculate  Rs 1 per idli. If you make 500 idlis, you should get Rs 500 per day. You can select 5 restaurants or hotels . You should make a demand with them . Study the economical  way. Then fix the rates. It is a very good business.  

        You need a steamer for this business, we can buy steamer at low cost from online websites.  We can select non-electric idli makers. We can buy a 54 piece idli maker. Its price is Rs not buy technologically . You should buy extra pieces with  it. But you need knowledge  about it. You should  take a FSSAI registration license.  You can select as you can increase the taste of your idli and sell to nearest restaurants.  You should get a good profit  from this business. 

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