New application for whatsapp chat language translation 2022

Whatsapp is used by people all around the world. Some friends may message you in other languages, which you might not understand. To understand the message in the language,you can use whatsapp translator. Whatsapp is a good way to communicate with can translate the messages easily. These apps are available on mobile phones.It works well. You can translate your chat conversation directly to other languages easily.Google keyboard has hidden feature to translate the language easily. It is a language translator for text can translate whatsapp and messenger voices and texts using this translator. It helps you to translate all languages like English to Arabic. When traveling to any other countries you will meet many people who speak different languages. You will need to translate different types of languages. In that time you need translators.

You can easily get a translation result by taking documents.This app helps to translate different languages to your language. You can translate more than 100 languages. You can translate it in offline mode. It is available in voice translation. You can translate the languages at any time from anywhere.

Hi translator is the language application. It is created for whatsapp messenger applications. It is a Startup focusing on translation and language education applications. It helps to bring the best possible translation tools. Iti has cross application, realtime translation of text,image and voice features. It helps the users to acquire instant translation directly in chat apps.It is a time consuming application. The quality of translation of this application is the primary factor affecting the user satisfaction. It provides the best translation quality. It supports the most languages across the world. It has found more possibilities to increase its services. This application builds a useful real time speech translation.

Important features

1.Text translation

It helps to understand the text of foreign languages. It makes your message understood in languages other than can automatically translate text, words, phrases, sentences, etc.

2. Cross application translation

It works from any app inside your android phone. You will be able to translate any text. Translate in any app with the floating ball. You can casnchast without borders.

3.Image translation

You can translate text from images on your phone.The translation accuracy depends on the clarity of the text. It helps to automatically recognize and translate images by taking pictures.

4. Conversation translation

You can translate both sides of a spoken conversation with this application. It helps to translate speech in real helps to communicate with each other.

5.voice translation

You can translate text to speech in many languages. It can easily translate your voice and audio. Voice translation is an act of having words that have been translated from one language and pronounced in the target language.It helps to translate an individual voice into a different language.

6.Offline translation

You can translate in offline mode.


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