Natural remedy to relieve toothache,bad breath

              Tooth ache are  common to all people.It is the inflammation of the tooth,caused by any infection. Today I would like to inform you home remedy to relive from tooth ache.Brushing regularly to remove food particles. Using pain relievers provide temporary relief. But it may cause side effects.



Red,swollen gums

Difficulty in swallowing 

       Salt water rinse is an effective method. Apply Cold compresses,peppermint bags,garlic ,cloves are best for tooth ache.If your face is swollen ,put ice pack.

        Today we can see the best remedy to relieve tooth ache.It will relieve the bad breath.


Crushed Guava leaves –  7

Turmeric powder  – 1 pinch 

Salt  – 1 pinch

                 Take crushed guava leaves in water  and boiled well.Filter it in a bowl.Add 1 pinch of turmeric powder,salt.Mix well and gargle with this water twice daily.It will relive from tooth ache.

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