Natural remedy to get rid of dark spots on the face

             We use a lot of cosmetics to enhance the beauty of our face.But most of it has side effects.Today I would like to inform you about a natural remedy to whitening our skin.It helps to remove the complete black marks.This face pack helps to soften our face.

                  We use fenugreek for this face pack.Fenugreek helps to glowing our skin.It contains vitamin C.It also cleanse our skin.The water of soaked fenugreek is used to as a skin toner.Fenugreek also removes dead cells of the skin and reduces excess oil.It remove the impurities from the skin.

           Fenugreek seeds helps to keep your skin wrinkle free.It helps to tighten our skin.It has antibacterial properties, so it cure acne.It helps to remove the hairs from face.

Let’s see how to make face mask with fenugreek.


Fenugreek powder  – 2 tsp

Raw Milk   – 2 tsp.

         Mix fenugreek powder with raw milk/ rose water.Clean the face and apply to the face.Massage well .After 20 minutes wash with normal water.Apply a skin toner. It helps to softens our face.

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