Natural  Remedy for diseases of chickens 


      Today I would like to inform you about a natural remedy for poultry diseases. Poultry  means domestic fowls including chickens,ducks,turkeys, etc raised for production  of eggs or meat.It is based on raising fast growing  chickens.

      This is a situation where a lot of people are losing their jobs because of covid-19. So many people who lost their jobs have started poultry farms. It gives them a huge return. But such people do not know much about the diseases coming to chicken. Today I want to give such people essential knowledge.

      People who have chickens at home can also try this medicine. We see  chicken hanging. Antibiotics should not be given during the course of the illness. Because it will have the opposite effect.

     Therefore in Ayurveda it is a medicine given to chickens like this. We need to start giving medicine right from the start. It is very difficult to recover if you are late.

       Hanging chicken is a sign of other diseases. This is seen as a sign of chicken spring disease.


Keezharnelli   –  2 stalk

Turmeric   –  a small piece

Garlic   – 3 cloves

Small onion  –  3

Feverish (panikoorka) leaf

Pepper  –  3

     Add these ingredients  and grind well. Mix a little water. We should give hand food to it till it recovers. Then give medicine. It is  natural  remedy to the disease  of chickens.

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