Natural remedies to control the high level of uric acid

                 Uric acid is a product of the metabolic breakdown of purine nucleotides. It is a natural waste product from the digestion of  foods that contains purines. It is a chemical created, when the body breaks down substance purines, are normally produced in the body.It  occurs when your kidney don’t eliminate uric acid efficiently. 


  • Drinking too much alcohol 
  • Genetic
  • Age, sex
  • Recent surgery 
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Diuretics 
  • Immunosuppressant drugs
  • Obesity 
  • Psoriasis 
  • Intake of purine containing foods like  river, meat, dried beans, mushrooms
  • Renal insufficiency 
  • Some Fishes


  •  Intense joint  pain
  •  Redness,  tenderness, swelling of joints 
  • May not able to move. 
  • Worsening pain, joint damage.

Natural remedies 

  • Add apples in your diet
  • Intake of apple cider vinegar
  • Fresh vegetable juice 
  • Low fat dairy products 
  • Limited purine rich foods 
  • Eat more low – purine foods 
  • Avoid drugs that raise uric acid level like Niasine. 
  • Avoid alcohol 
  • Try Vitamin C supplements 
  • Eat cherries 
  • Drink lime water at least twice a day.
  •  Eat antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables like a cherries, berries
  •  Take celery seeds rich in Omega 6 fatty acid and other diuretic oil.
  •  Mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a  glass of water and drink everyday. 


  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Avoid alcohol 
  • Take low fat dairy products
  • Limit intake of meat, fish,  poultry 
  • Maintain body weight

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