Natural home remedy to reduce the darkness of the lips

    Today I  would like to inform you about how  to reduce the darkness of lips. Darkness of the lioness can be caused by hyper pigmentation.  It is caused by excess of melanin and excessive exposure to the sun.Sometimes it is caused by continuous application of lip sticks.It affects our beauty.

    We can reduce the darkness of the skin.Apply good quality lip balm before to bed. Avoid artificial lip balms. Make natural lip balm. Always hydrate the lips. Moisturize the lips with aloe vera.

     Use lemon to lips ,it lightens the lips and it has astringent property.. Honey also hydrates the lips. Apply the paste of honey and lemon for 5 minutes, wash with cold water.

      Cigarette smoking, lack of hydration, allergic reactions from tooth paste can cause the darkness of the lips.

      Apply beetroot juice and honey to the lips and leave it on overnight. We can use rose petals to lips. Iron deficiency anemia causes lip discoloration.

     Today I would like to inform you about how to scrub the lip and pack. Apply honey to the lip .Then we can scrub the lip with soft  brush.  It is very effective to remove the dry skin from lips.  Then clean the lips with a tissue.We can do this weekly once.

     After scrubbing,we can make a serum .Take ½ teaspoon badam (sweet almond) oil,  ½ teaspoon orange and ½ teaspoon honey .Mix well and apply to the lip. Use  this daily. It moisturize the lip and reduces the darkness. After 15 minutes we can wash it off.

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