Natural drink for reducing the cholesterol level 

    Today I would like to inform you about a remedy for cholesterol. Cholesterol is a fat like substance in our blood.It is in all cells in our body. Our body needs some cholesterol to make hormones and build cells.The normal cholesterol level is less than 20p mg/dL. Above 240 mg/ dL is high cholesterol  level.

     Mainly high cholesterol level due to intake of baked foods,saturated fat,red meat,dairy foods,etc. The common symptoms of high cholesterol are chest pain,nausea,fatigue, breathing problems, pain in neck jaw,numbness in extremities. 

     Avoid red meat,dairy products, Avoid fast foods,biscuits,burgers,pizza,butter,oil. We can control our cholesterol level.Do exercise regularly. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. Maintain weight. Eat fibre containing foods. Take poly saturated foods. Avid soft drinks,French fries,white bread,cakes etc. Lemon juice decreases the cholesterol level and blood pressure.

     Green tea,oats,tomato juice,are lowering cholesterol levels. Drink plenty of water.Apple Cider vinegar reduces the bad cholesterol. 

     Today we can see a natural remedy for reducing the cholesterol level.It is a drink. In the morning, on an empty stomach, drink boiled water with curry leaves. It helps to reduce the cholesterol level.  It reduces the digestive problems.

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