Main symptoms  of fatty liver 

        Meaning of us have a disease called fatty liver. Fatty liver is an increased  build up of fat in the liver.Main reason of fatty liver is diabetes, obesity,alcohol consumption,hereditary. Usually fatty liver have no symptoms.Too much fat in the liver can become danger.Mainly fatty liver has several stages.Liver makes cholesterol  to our body from our food.

          Liver helps to process nutrients from food and water,filter harmful substances from the blood.Deposited fat may cause liver failure.If you have fatty liver develop weakness,pain on the abdomen  etc.

          Some peoples may have develop complications of liver cirrhosis.The main symptoms of cirrhosis are weight loss, weakness, bleeding from the nose,yellowish skin,abdominal skin,swelling of legs etc.


Ultrasound scanning

Blood test

         RLife style changes can help to reduce the deposit of can limit your alcohol consumption.Take low calorie diet,low fat diet,Do exercises 30 minutes daily,Take fruits,vegetables, legumes.Avoid transfats. Avoid sweats.Avoid over eating of food.We can regenerate our liver.

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