Main benefits of  sesame seeds,sesame oil/ ellenna 

        Sesame seeds are the good source of fiber. It contains vitamin B.It lowering the cholesterol  level,blood pressure. It supports healthy bones. We can take sesame seeds be roasted,crushed over salads.

             But it may cause allergy in some people. Sesame seeds contains proteins, it helps to weight loss.  Black sesame seeds are better than white sesame seeds. It protects our heart.

          Soak these seeds overnight  and take. It helps to absorption  of minerals and calcium . People who have kidney stone ,bowel problems should not take too much of sesame seed. It helps to control our blood sugar level.

        Sesame oil contains vitamin E,lignans,sesame, anti oxidants,etc. It has a balanced ratio of omega fatty acids.It helps to lower sodium in our body. We can use sesame oil for hair growth. We can apply  this oil to hair growth.

       Sesame oil helps protect  body from damage of UV rays. It is used as a good natural sun screen agent. We can apply this oil for arm and leg pain. We can rub this oil into the soles of feet  before bed helps to good sleep.We can swishing sesame oil in mouth for up to 10 minutes, helps to clean our mouth.

      We can use this as medicine.It contains calcium, iron, magnesium,  phosphorus ,etc.We can include 15g sesame seeds / day. We can use this oil. It increases our memory power. It contains  selenium,it helps to increase the health of thyroid gland.

               It  contains zinc,it helps to increase  the immunity power.If you have joint pain ,you can use this oil. It increases our  eye sight.

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