Low budget electronic machines at kozhikode

       Today we want to introduce a shop with low budget electrical Machines.It is in kozhikode. This shops name is eham digital. We will get all quality branded materials  from  here.  We will get all financial schemes from here.

      We will get different types of air conditioners  from here. Its lowest price is Rs 19,990.We will get 110 inverter 3 star AC at  Rs 19,990. It is health oriented.It has anti virus protection. It has 5 year warranty. 

     In sharp Air conditioners, we will get inverter AC. It has R purifier. Inverter ACs compressor  has work with variable speed. Inverter AC works with low capacity.  It has 5 years board guarantee. We get convertible AC from here. Its price is Rs 33,000. We can controlled this air conditioners  by voice.We gets HIRE  air conditioners  at 5 year full warranty  and 12 years compressor warranty. 

     We will get all types of refrigerators  from here. Its price starts from Rs 8990. It has 90 liter capacity. It is hire type . We will get double door voltas at Rs 18900.  It has 230 liter capacity.

      We will get front load low budget washing machines from here. It starts from Rs 15990. It has 2 year full warranty  and 5 year motor warranty.  We will get hot water washing.  It has steam washing also. 

     We will get mini refrigerator  from here It starts from Rs 21000. We will get ceiling fans from Rs 790.we will get low budget coolers from here.

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