KSFE pravasi chitty – Advantages,KSFE Gifts,How to join online,


        KSFE  Pravasi chitty is a financial savings scheme . It was launched by the Kerala government . The main aim of this scheme is Welfare of Malayalees abroad. The KSFE  Pravasi chitty scheme will get insurance coverage and pension plan. Kerala government launched a new software to join Pravasi chitty. We can pay installment and take part in the chiti option easily. It will  promote savings among NRI to improve the economic stability of ourstate. This chitty is different from other financial instruments. It is a risk free scheme. KSFE  conducts Chitties  fully governed by provision of Central Chit Fund act. You can join the chitty fund in the installment per month range from Rs 1000 to 5,00,000. 

        You can select the duration of chitties such as 30 months, 40 months ,50 months ,60 months and 100 months. The periodic subscription of the chitty f is called prize money.It helps to get maximum  reduction  in the prize money. 25% reduction possible as per the chitti act. If there are more than one person for reduction such  bidders will be put to a draw. Each subscriber gets an opportunity to receive the prize money.You can join this chitty through all banks.  You should sign an agreement  before join this chitty. You can pledge gold, land,house, LIC ,salary certificate, etc.you can pledge any valuable thing for this chitty. 


  • Transparency
  • Advanced technology 
  • Online payment 
  • Online auction
  • Easy online process
  • 24 hour available  customer care support .
  • Do not need to go to direct and submit the pledge.

You can register Kerala KSFE  Pravasi chitty online. You can join through websites and mobile apps. 


  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Expat ID
  • Adhar card

How to register  KSFE pravasi chitty online

  • Visit the official website of Pravasi KSFE scheme.
  • Click the register now option.
  • You can select a new user .
  • Select the residing country.
  • If you are outside of India you can register using an Aadhar card.
  • Other state residential proof is mandatory. 
  • You can select the proceed button.
  • Enter citizenship, country,  residing country, passport number, expiry date,OCI number,phone number. 
  • Click the register  button, 
  • Click verify with norka button.
  • You can make a customer login button using username and password. 
  • You can register using name, address,email ID,OTP,Passport,visa copy,emirates ID copy,national ID,etc.
  • It has KYC  verification  and bank verification  after the registration. You can select the chitty ,you can join and pay the installment.  

        You Will get two gifts from KSFE. They are insurance  coverage  and kshemanidhi pension.If you select the insurance  coverage, you will get death coverage  up to Rs 10 lakhs. In kshemanidhi pension, you should pay Rs 300 for 5 years,after 60 yrs you will get pravasi kshemanidhi  pension. You can select a more apt option. 

        It has a safe online auction  room .you can join the auction simply.It provides customer satisfaction. You can ask your doubts also. You can contact  through  social media and whatsapp.you can pay installment  using internet  banking. It has a completely digital platform for security  processes. It will waive the liability  of chit up to Rs 10 lakhs.you will get insurance  also. They will pay monthly  premiums for pension till the termination  of chitty. You will get perfect satisfaction  through  this scheme. It is very simple and manageable. 

        You can take chitty and close the loan amount. You can save a good amount of money. You can join the KSFE pravasi chitty and after 1 year you can buy vehicles,  houses, etc. It is a good saving option. You can save a fixed amount.  You will get a dividend and a reduction  of fixed deposit amount. 

        If you substitute chitties, you will get the amount after the period of time. You don’t lose your money. You will get money within one month. When you get money, they transfer it to your bank account. You will get a chittal number. You will get 8 % for a fixed deposit. But it has a 30 % tax from this 8% .we can remove this tax. You can submit 15E,15H forms for tax return. KSFE helps you to tax return. 

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